I was able to spend some time with the cheapest MyPhone android phone that’s running on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and I must say that I’m very impressed. The build is solid and is really more than what I have expected from a budget offering. Check out our thoughts about this device after the jump.

During the holiday season last year, I always see people/customers on MyPhone kiosks looking at the same phone – the MyPhone A848 Duo. I got really interested so we tried it and luckily, I managed to acquire one of the last two units that they have. I eventually liked it and I decided to give it as a gift and of course, to fully test this affordable smartphone’s capabilities. So if you’re planning in getting this one, you might want to check our quick review of the MyPhone A848 Duo.



The design of the MyPhone A848 Duo is simple yet classy. It has some nice curves and the cheap that was used to cover the body is not the usual cheap stuff found on other phones. It’s glossy but this still nabs the premium feel that you’d want for a smartphone.

MyPhone A848 photos camera

There are three capacitive buttons that are present in the front face of the device and they are; the menu, home, and back buttons – the usual combination of an ICS android phone. At the top of the screen is the speaker grills while the topmost part contains the microUSB/charger port and 3.5mm earphones port. Looking at the left side, we can find the volume rocker. The right part is empty.

As usual, the back cover features the 5-megapixel camera with flash and right below it is the MyPhone logo as well as the Philippine flag printed all over it. The back case is also plastic and as you can see we got the white one over here.

MP A848 Duo Back Games Apps Download

The overall look of the MyPhone A848 doesn’t really represent its price tag since it appears to be more solid than other smartphones within its level. In fact, its weight, though not that heavy, adds up to that better feel and assures an easy grip even to people who are not used in holding smartphones with a display of beyond 3.5-inches.


The MyPhone A848 Duo has a 4-inch IPS Display with 480×800 pixel resolution. The display is very crisp and the colors are very accurate and lively. When compared to the Cherry Mobile Titan which has the same WVGA resolution, the latter looks pale and mediocre simply because the A848 has a smaller screen. Since it’s just 4-inches, this makes it better rather than the Titan’s 5-inches, which stretches out the pixels considerably while the A848 Duo’s is more compact. Thus, it looks sharper.

My Phone A848 Price, Specs

Although the display is of high quality, there’s a small caveat on its UI. There’s a slight and almost unnoticeable lag when swiping through pages in the app drawer. We initially thought that it has the same problem like on the MyPhone A919 Duo that users have reported. As it turns out, it actually is. The frame rate is capped to 30-40fps that’s why it has some troubles in rendering. We don’t really mind it though, as it is almost not visible. Moreover, this is not a problem on playing games and other stuff (games run fine too) as it is only present in the app drawer – at least on our case.

The IPS display is just a beauty to look at and considering this is just a budget android phone, that makes it even more special. It has wide viewing angles and legibility under direct sunlight is really nice. Other phones which don’t have IPS are struggling when placed under direct sunlight but MyPhone A848 Duo handles it with ease. The screen brightness, when set to full, is also noticeably brighter and colors look more vibrant than the usual display.


MyPhone A848 Duo

The MyPhone A848 Duo has a 1GHz MTK6575 single core processor and 512MB RAM – a combination that stood the test of time. This recipe has been around the market for around 2 years now and since its arrival, it still managed to get away with decent performance until this day. But that is based on the type of processor used, too. Fortunately, the Mediatek 6575 has proven itself to be a viable processor already so expect this phone to have a sweet punch.

The UI is smooth and swiping through pages of a breeze. There are times that you would notice a little stutter when navigating but that’s not too often. Apps and games load almost instantly and the occasional 2-3 second wait is almost a no show. Of course, that depends on where your app is located because apps on internal memory loads faster than those in the microSD card if ever you’re using Link2SD or you swapped it (in case you don’t have a high class SD card).

This phone runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and we’re overwhelmed on how well this handset performed. Basic operations were fast, and even a flood of numerous notifications didn’t give significant bumps.


We didn’t had the chance to test this extensively but we will be updating this post with a couple of sample shots. During our short usage, it was great and is far from the quality that other local android phones provide. The photos are clear and crisp so we don’t have anything much to worry about in this department. It also has a panorama mode, in case you’re curious about it. The only thing that I missed here is the lack of autofocus and tap to focus feature which is really handy when you’re looking to shoot high quality photos. But still, even without that, the camera of MyPhone A848 is still one of the best under Php5k. It’s nowhere near the camera quality of MyPhone A919 DuoMyPhone A898 Duo, and MyPhone A888 Duo, though.


Temple Run 2 Download Android

Most of the games I’ve tried worked well without glitches. Some of them are Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2, Cut the Rope, Where’s my water, and Falling Fred among others. As for HD games, the likes of NBA2k13 did work but there are times that lags were prominent but it doesn’t really ruin the whole gameplay. On the other side, MyPhone A848 Duo run casual games smoothly without hiccups.


As a multimedia device, My Phone A848 Duo is a decent player. It’s fairly large 4-inch display and decent WVGA resolution is already good enough in watching music videos, live performances, and even movies – that is if you don’t rely on subtitles too much. To further enjoy the experience, I would recommend using a pair of earphones rather than relying on the phone’s speakers. It’s not weak or anything, but it would be better especially if you’re on a well crowded area.

If you’re more on music and you’d mainly use MyPhone A848 Duo as an audio player, it’ll be a fine audio player as well. In our case, there’s no problem in any earphones that we tried unlike on other local android phones that seem to be picky about this stuff. And if you’re fond of fiddling with equalizer settings, there’s an option for that too. Actually, there’s a whole lot more of sound effects and the like in the Play store. You just need to find those awesome apps.

Internet Connectivity

To keep the cost down, MyPhone had to cut some corners. Unfortunately, the 3G connectivity was the one which was removed. For mobile data junkies, it’s quite a turn off but it will just be forgotten after a while. After all, most people use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. But in case you don’t have a hotspot near you, you can just opt to buy portable Wi-Fi hotspot which you can bring with you anywhere and you just need to load up if there are no hotspots available.

Battery life

The battery life of MyPhone A848 Duo is slightly above average. Considering it’s not so heavy 1GHz processor and 4-inch screen, the 1600mAh lasted for about a day of moderate usage – and sometimes, there’s around 20-30% more to spare. Our usage include frequent texting, a couple of minutes of calls,  more than 2 hours usage of Wi-Fi with web browsing and social networking, approximately 10 minutes of video playback, and around an hour of gaming – we still got about 26 percent left. Nothing to impressive but that’s already a good rate for a phone of its caliber.



While there are other cheaper options out there, the MyPhone A848 Duo is still a great choice if you’re looking into switching to android. The specs aren’t mind blowing, but that’s what we could expect for its price. For only Php4,590, you’ll get a solid build, 4-inch IPS display, 1GHz processor, and 512M RAM – a competent set in today’s standards. Don’t jump into conclusions that it can’t take those HD games you’re itching to play because I can guarantee you that it can run most of them.

MyPhone A848 Duo Specs

  • Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 4.0-inch WVGA IPS Display, 480×800 pixel resolution
  • 1GHz single core MTK6575 processor
  • PowerVR SGX531 GPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB internal memory (2.5GB usable), up to 32GB via microSD
  • 5-megapixel camera with flash
  • VGA front camera
  • Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot
  • microUSB v2.0
  • Bluetooth
  • No GPS
  • TV-out support
  • Colors: Black, Black and White
  • 1600mAh Li-Ion battery

We can safely say that this is a bang for buck deal for the price we’re getting it. I was very impressed by the build and it’s comparable to other big name brands’ quality. It doesn’t feel cheap, seriously. So if you’re tight on budget but you want a sweet android experience, what are you waiting for? MyPhone A848 Duo is still available for a low price of Php4,590 on MyPhone kiosks and retailers nationwide.

  • elmer

    meron ako nito, grabe ang ganda ng experience ko dito.

  • Asi

    I also have the same unit and i must say, we have the same thoughts. Though the battery does really have a big impact on its overall rating, quality wise its good for its price.

  • Asi

    I have the same unit and i must say, we have the same thoughts. Though the battery really had a big negative impact on its overall rating, the quality is still good for its price.

  • Alex

    tatlo kami sa family ko bumili nito satisfy kami sa quality ng phone, although sa battery mababa pero no big deal coz im planning to buy a powerbank may nakita ako sa sm mega sa cyberzone wala pang 2k yong 8000Mah powerbank nila

    • guhit

      anu ung power bank sir un ba ay battery na 8000mah?? grabe ang taas nmn nun pde b sya sa my phone a848?

      • pams

        pwede raw po as long as fit sya sa phone :)

        • As long as it’s 800mA or 1A, it’s okay.


      marami pa pong mas mura 10500 nAh for only 2k
      sa sulit

  • ed

    panget lang ng likod. sana black din at wala na lang map

    • I think there is also an all black version of this phone.

      • joyie15

        tama.. meron nga.. hmmm, may map nga lang.. okie sana kung wla para mokhang iphone lng ang peg.. pro maganda nman sya khit may map, parang nag sisimbolize sya na loyal ka sa Pilipinas…

  • ardz

    Dual sim ba to?

  • handsome ^G

    masyado bang importante ang GPS?

    • For me, it’s not that important because I don’t use it frequently but there are other people who rely on GPS when they’re travelling.

  • sir can u have an in depth review on the RAmos w28 tab? i tried it once here in sta. rosa ok xa sa tingin ko…

    • Joshua Padilla

      kamusta ung tab nio? ok pa rin ba? san nio po nabili sa sta rosa? hehe.

  • rain

    ask ko lang sana if nagla-lag din po ba yung A848 unit niyo. lagi po kasi siyang nagha-hang pag nasa 20% na yung battery. hindi ko din po ma-off if maghahang na yung phone. :(

    • It doesn’t lag on basic tasks. Maybe you have tons of running apps in the background.

      • pams

        eh pano po iclose yung running apps?

        • Hold the home button for a few seconds and it will show up. Swipe it on either left or right and it will be closed. Some other apps were designed to run in the background though so you’ll not be able to close them as they will just launch again.

          • pams

            Thank you for this sir :)

          • No problem! :)

          • joyie15

            na try mona ba mag net through load?? kasi aq hindi ehh.. bakit??

    • joyie15

      nope.. sa akin okie lng sya kahit 1% nlang yong battery nya.. at take note maraming bisis natung na hulog.. hindi lang sa lupa kondi pati na sa kalsada..(hindi kasi aq maingat ehh) therfore, matibay iotch.!!

    • pams

      maybe sa apps na installed yan, try nyo po i reset or if hindi pa umabot yung battery sa 20 % then try turning it off for a while

  • Where could we buy skins/cases for this phone? And if possible, could you please do a side-by-side comparison of it’s cousin phone (A848i Duo with just same specs but with 3G connectivity) against Starmobile Crystal? Thanks

    • Hi, we don’t have those phones po. AFAIK, cases of this phone can be found on Sulit.

  • Renz

    bang for the buck
    considering its price and performance
    i had this and i highly recommend it to everyone eyeing on it
    It is great for gaming purposes too
    ask lang sir meron ba silang dual core(Myphone)

    • pam

      yung 848i po dual core na :)

  • joyie15

    hindi ako maka conect sa wifi at hindi naren ako mka pag download ng mga apps nya through play store.. kasi kapag umabot na ng 5% nag s-stop na sya.. ANYARE?? okie nman to dati ehh.. hahay, mula ng fenormat sya naging ganito na… alam nyo ba kung bakit>>>???

    • pams

      baka po sa app yan, ano yung altest na ininstall nyo na app?

  • macky

    Pano b tanggalin ung nag biblink s gilid ng screen n color red nakaka ilang kc.. tnx s sasagot..

  • macky

    Kc dba meron ung whole screen ang nag biblink pg may update kaso sya kasi ung gilid lng nag biblink pano po kaya tanggalin un sa DEVELOPERS OPTION po kc un napindot ng kapatid ko alin po kaya dun un..and ano po dapat kong gawin icheck ko b or i uncheck ko..

  • marco

    ano po ba mas maganda cherry mobile flare or myphone a848i?

    • Renz

      Pre, mas maganda ang MP a848i duo, ganda ng cam, my friends are using CM Flare ang dali pa malobat ng flare than myphone..

  • eda rose uehara

    ask ko lng po kung umiinit ba talaga ang phone nato pagnaglalaro ng games at ang oras ng pagcharge umaabot po ba talaga ng 6 hours? kabibili ko lng po ng myphone a848i

    • dandred pagar


  • francis eguaras

    ask ko lang po kung meron May Negosyo yung Pinoy Apps ng MyPhone A848i ?

  • billy RN

    can i perform videocalling in this phone through skype or tango?

    please answer. thanks


      yes pwede po pero dapat idownload niyo muna sa google play

  • frank

    Sir balak ko pong bumili ng MyPhone A848i, pero gusto ko lang pong iconfirm kung merong May Negosyo yung Pinoy Apps ng MyPhone A848i , kailangan ko po kasi yun ?

  • Jeremie Valdez

    hanggang ngaun pa rin ung price ng MP
    MyPhone A848 ??? bibili po kasi ako…kasi kung ganyan pa rin ung price sobrang laking tipid ko d2 kaysa sa samsung

  • pthenrizsryche

    could the battery be replaced by a more efficient one then? so that it may last a bit longer?

  • rico

    bibili po ako ng phone ask kulng po kng anu ang maganda cm flare or myphone a848i help me pls…ty

  • Jemme

    Pls add a review about the phone’s TV Out feature. Thank you.

  • kiray

    taasan pa dapat ang megapixel para mas maganda ang camera? dba

  • Jerkgadgets

    Ok ang myphone yan gamit ng iba ko office mate matibay daw, kaso baduy ang map sa likod hinde ko makita logic bakit may map. better eto kesa sa dalawang bakla Cherry at Star

  • Joy Guiriba

    how much po ?

  • Joy Guiriba

    may instagram po ‘to ?

  • unknownymous

    hindi ba ito nagla-lag kapag umabot ng 2 pages or more ang mga text mo? reply po salamat

  • dandred pagar

    pa sagot naman

  • Arnel Hibaya

    di ata kaya movies, kasi yung ganyan ko kapag nagdownload ng games di maisalin sa sd card. hanggang sa naghang within 2 months. pinadala ko sa service center, 2 mons na din sa kanila ngayon di pa maayos. very poor aftersales service. di worth it sa add nalang ng konti sa branded na kayo, i have lg optimus net froyo hanggang ngayon buhay pa maliit lang screen pero atleast mas madaming kayang gawin.

  • jjnjj

    mas maganda po ba ito sa cherry mobile superion tv 2?? please help…

  • Ivan Ilic

    where can I order new screen/display(glass) for Myphone a848?

  • nort

    my unit a848 duo wont complete downloading applications such as candy crush, plant v zombies 2 and others. why? I got my unit last Nov 28 and it’s almost a year. how do you troubleshoot this kind of problem?

  • jn

    My unit has audio problems, meaning the music and all the sounds cannot be heard. It’s bumming me put evwn more because when I play the radio with the earphones, it works. But with the other apps, it doesn’t work. Pinaayos ko na po yung hardware ng phone pero di parin po okay…

    • jecho


  • vn

    the 3.5mm jack is not compatible on new earphones. default earphone jack seems to have thinner rings than common earphone.

  • nette

    pa help naman po..di kasi ma recognize ng laptop ko ang myphoneA848 ko..ang lumalabas lang pag kinokonek ko eh charging :(

    • ry

      Hi nette. Ive encountered youre problem. The problem wasnt on my phone, but on my cable. Try using another cable if it helps ;)

      • Ramil Enot

        pa help nman ang myphone A848 duo ko hindi mka pasok pag nag download palagi lang nag lowding

    • ry

      *your problem.

  • ahzirt

    anu po ba ang mas magandang pagkaandroid ICS or jelly bean?