This is the MyPhone phones price list in the Philippines for 2012. I just thought that many Filipinos continue to patronize the mobile products of our local companies in the Philippines despite some of the bad reports about their not so good after sales service but nevertheless I came up with this list. Well, at least I didn’t had that experience so I will not comment on that. I gathered the data from MyPhone’s official website, Facebook fan page, and other resources. Check the prices below.

Bar Phones

MyPhone B88 Duo

  • P888

MyPhone B15 Duo

  • P1,299

MyPhone B16 TV Duo

  • P1,699

MyPhone BP20 Duo

  • P2,299

MyPhone BM2 Duo

  • P2,999


MyPhone Q18TV

  • P1,299

MyPhone Q19i Duo

  • P1,588
MyPhone QTV20i
  • P1,999

MyPhone QP29 Duo

  • P2,588

MyPhone QT7 Duo

  • P2,588

MyPhone QW29 Duo

  • P2,999

MyPhone SQ21 Duo

  • P3,399

MyPhone QW30 Duo

  • P4,999
S Phones
MyPhone QV27 Duo “S Phone”
  • P3,488
MyPhone SQ22 Duo
  • P3,999
MyPhone SW28 Duo
  • P4,999

Touch Screen Phones

MyPhone T18 Duo

  • P1,999
MyPhone T28 Duo
  • P1,999

MyPhone T23 WiFi Duo

  • P2,888

MyPhone TW1 Duo

  • P3,499

MyPhone TW8 Duo

  • P4,999

MyPhone TW9 Duo

  • P5,999
Android Phones

MyPhone TS1 Duo

  • P3,499
MyPhone A618 TV Duo
  • P3,599

MyPhone a818 Duo

  • P5,500-Regular price- Only P3,999 at MyPhone Trade-in Promo
MyPhone A858 Duo
  • Php4,999
MyPhone A848
  • P4,999
MyPhone A868 Duo
  • P5,499
MyPhone A878 Duo
  • P6,999
MyPhone A848i
  • P7,499
MyPhone A898 Duo
  • Php7,499
MyPhone A919 Duo
  • p7,999
* Most android phones above are currently on SALE this Christmas season.

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  1. I hanet see the problem of the phone. The Android phone does get a virus or malware oif your not careful on what you Dl. But the phones themselves are pretty good.