[important]UPDATE: The Trade-in Madness Promo is extended until JUNE 3, 2012![/important]

If ever you are currently saving up to take hold of your very first android device–I have good news for you! Now is the time to get your smartphone from MyPhone’s Trade-in Madness promo. You can get the new MyPhone A818 Duo android phone for a discounted price of just P3999. That’s  almost P1500 savings from the original retail price of P5499! How’s the specifications? It’s very competitive. Check it out below.image

But what’s the catch? It’s pretty simple! You just have to bring in an old phone to be traded-in to get the discount. The phone can be from any brand or any model and the great part is it doesn’t need to be working. They also accept junk mobile phones as long as it is complete. However, it is not necessary and you can avail the smartphone for P4499 if you don’t want to exchange a mobile handset.

Here are the complete promo guidelines taken directly from MyPhone’s FB Fan page:

1. Customer can avail of the promo by
surrendering a mobile phone of any
brand or model, working or non-
working, to buy a MyPhone A818 Duo
at the price of Php3,999.00.
2. Phone to be traded-in should
include its battery pack.
3. Phone that is broken down into
separate parts will not be accepted.
4. Promo period is from April 28 to
May 6, 2012.

The offer is made for a better introduction of their new android phone and spread it to the masses. Also, I suggest you trade-in a non-working phone to save some money.

Here are the MyPhone A818 Duo complete specs:

• 3.5 inch HVGA Capacitive Touchscreen 320×480 pixel resolution
• 650 MHz processor
• 191MB internal storage, RAM TBA
• Android 2.3 Gingerbread
• Dual Sim / Dual Standby
• 3.2 MP primary camera
• Front facing VGA camera
• Wi-Fi ,  Wi-Fi hotspot
• Bluetooth
• WAP / GPRS / SMS /
• MMS/ NO 3GMultimedia Player / FM Radio – Headset jack3.5mm
• Pinoy Phone Apps , APK, Java
• Micro USB v2.0
• Internal memory expandable via microSD up to 16GB
• Battery TBA 1300mAh

MyPhone didn’t give the information regarding the RAM and battery capacity so we should check that out to be sure if it’s really a good buy. The amount of RAM should be atleast 256MB for a decent multitasking and a minimum of 1500mAh for the battery to last a day considering it’s big 3.5 inch screen will consume power faster. At the same price range, you can also have the Torque Droidz View and read what I have to say in it.

Overall, the phone is good but it is not the best in its category because it lacks 3G connectivity. If you opt a dual-sim android, you may look for the Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N at the same price level. You can also check my insights in the new LG Optimus L3 which is the best buy for under P6000 IMHO. But with Myphone’s current price of merely P3999, it is the best deal around in that price. Check out MyPhone’s latest price list.

If you already have this phone, please share your experience and opinion in this new offering from MyPhone so that others may be aware of it.

Promo runs from April 28-May 6, 2012 (Metro Manila) and May 2, 2012-May 6, 2012 Nationwide.


    Main Disadvantage
    • No 3G HSDPA Available
    • No Flash Player 10.1 or 10.2 support for browser
    • No mention for real web page or full web page like in PC (being left behind in super high-end smartphone like Apple, Samsung, and Nokia)
    • No even Maximum 32GB
    • No HD or 3D available to support Video, Image, and HD/3D Games
    • Android 2.2 left behind high-end of 2.3, 3.0, and 4.0 Android
    • Resistive Touchscreen not Capacitive Touchscreen
    • GPS or Maps missing
    • No front facing camera for available 3G Talk or Skype

    Read more: http://www.sulit.com.ph/index.php/view+classifieds/id/5376680/ts1+duo+android+2+2

    • Lan

      seriously? that’s TS1, not A818,
      tsk tsk,

  • They are DIFFERENT bro. Don’t mislead people with your WRONG info.

  • Myphone TS1 is different from A818 Duo.

  • vector

    such an asshole to exert an effort and ended up caught off its feet!!! kid europe .. you wasted internet bandwith and electricity to be just dumbfounded … errr wrong guy wrong place wrong time…i think i need to defacate

  • bucks

    uhm..battery wont last..it took only 10hours then you need to charge it. based on my experience ^______,^

  • Hi bucks, thanks for the info. Have you already disconnected mobile data and other connections? It’ll save you a lot of power. I hope you can share us your review of the unit.

  • JIM

    just got the A818, and I’ll just confirm what kid europe posted:
    • No 3G HSDPA Available (TRUE)
    • No Flash Player 10.1 or 10.2 support for browser (TRUE)
    • No mention for real web page or full web page like in PC (being left behind in super high-end smartphone like Apple, Samsung, and Nokia) (it has a built in browser and it CAN access full web pages)
    • No even Maximum 32GB (if he meant external SD card, max is 16GB
    • No HD or 3D available to support Video, Image, and HD/3D Games (haven’t tested it yet)
    • Android 2.2 left behind high-end of 2.3, 3.0, and 4.0 Android ( it’s using Android version 2.3.6)
    • Resistive Touchscreen not Capacitive Touchscreen (its capacitive)
    • GPS (no GPS, it uses wifi and mobile networks to determine location)
    • No front facing camera for available 3G Talk or Skype (NOT true, it has a front facing camera)

    As for battery, it’s 1300mah and i installed a power meter app. for heavy internet usage (wifi turned on) it registers a 34h usage. for call and text mode (disabled all features except call and text) it registers at 85h

    • Thanks for the share Jim. It will help a lot of users. By the way, you can look for Adobe Flash Player for android. I’m not sure if it will work for that though. I must say that the battery is exceptional for the price.

  • JIM

    Tried installing adobe flash 10.3 and 11.11, still couldn’t get it installed. I tried researching and found out adobe only runs on arm v7 processor. a818 has an arm v6 so i guess installing adobe flash player is out of the question. i guess last option is to root the system, although i won’t be doing that anytime soon

    • Oh, but I have an ARMv6 chip too? And I’ve got Adobe Flash Player? Maybe because I’m on CyanogenMod/

  • JIM

    Your probably right. Unfortunately, Myphone is still not on cyanogen’s list of compatible devices, so until then I’ll stick with what the A818 has to offer. don’t want to risk rooting it and ending up with a brick. But all in all, the A818 is still worth the price.

  • ann

    cant activate the flash on my camera…can you help me

  • Hi Ann, look for the camera flash option in your camera and see if it’s turned on. If not, try to enable it. Otherwise, restart your phone and try it again. If the problem still persist, you should bring it back to myphone ASAP to claim your warranty and ask for a new unit.

  • krizchan

    bad phone.mura nga.kulang naman.
    *no gps,
    *no hsdpa,hspa,wcdma
    *no flash
    *luge mabili..
    Wala pang hardware support

    • Hi, krizchan. I think hindi ka lugi sa phone na to sabi nga you get what you pay for. The best na ang specs nya for 4k. And at that price tag, don’t expect HSDPA and GPS. There are other phones that support it but they come in the 6k range.


    What’s the use of PASSPORTKEYBOARD? Thanks.

    • What password keyboard?

      • Titus

        The PASSPORTKEYBOARD icon is just a password enabler, meaning you will need a password to unlock your phone, but it does not seem to do anything. The defult password is 1122. I tried using it, nothing at all. I think it is just an error

      • Titus

        The PASSPORTKEYBOARD icon is just a password enabler, meaning you will need a password to unlock your phone, but it does not seem to do anything. The defult password is 1122. I tried using it, nothing at all. I think it is just an error.

  • odi lim

    I bought one last week. Happy for what its worth.
    No 3G though. But quite fast and user friendly.
    I just got bump in transfering contacts from SIM to Phone.
    You have to Associate each contacts from SIM so it can be copied to the phone. Import/Export function seemed not to work.
    I’m not sure about its function though.
    Anyway, I’m in Aussie now and it works like a charm.

    • NoypiGeeks

      Hi Odi, thanks for the share. I bet it’s the best for its price. The discounted price I mean.

    • GuestA818

      it works but sure is tricky i suggest that input ur contact individually, using import/export function is crazy mine has 120 contacts when i copied to phone directory it multiplies by 6 so i got 6 copies of the same contact. . 

  • Michelle

    Hi! What can you say about the phone’s performance, especially on skype video call? Thanks.

  • secreeeeetttttt

    Can you still surf evn if there is no wifi or load?

  • pwede po ba khit wlang charger pero may baterry?

  • Gaijin

    dapat po may special treatment kung myphone din po yung ipapalit, parang loyalty award naman naming gumagamit ng myphone diba? parang kung myphone yung ipapalit, mga 1k sana yung ibabawas ^_^ -asa lang, pero sana matupad.. hehe

    • NoypiGeeks

      Ask for a replacement unit na lang and try to give the phone a second chance. Some people already gave their positive feedbacks about it. ^_^

  • rodolfo

    pwede po ba khit wlang charger pero may battery? kasi nwawala na ksi yung charger nito eh…

  • cha

    am still planning to buy…is it realy nice^.^??? just wondering

  • mitch

    @ noypi puede ba ang viber sa a818?tnx…

  • NoypiGeeks

    @mitch- Yes, I believe pwede ang Viber dyan.

    @cha- According to users, ok naman daw yung unit.

    @rodolfo- Panong walang charger? You can settle for a replacement I think. Try it out.

  • rodolfo

    wlang charger yung ibibigay ko po plit sa myphone..

    • NoypiGeeks

      Bale hihingi ka ng replacement unit? Siguro hindi pero you can just ask them if it is allowed.

      Hey I just realized what you meant in your question, my bad. Sorry. Yes, that is definitely allowed as long as it is not trimmed down into pieces. Oh, the promo is over last May 6? I wonder if it is extended. I’ll report on that.

  • sir,,ng peplay po b youtube nyan?

    • NoypiGeeks

      I am not sure. Let’s wait for others to confirm that but according to JIM it doesn’t support Adobe Flash Player. I’ll be closing the comments for now. Please check back tomorrow for our new site.Thanks!

    • pwede po

  • fb

    Sir i would like to ask if the phone is capable of playing and downloading YouTube… Is this worth buying? How is this phone compared to Samsung galaxy Y?

    • NoypiGeeks

      I am sure it can download videos but I am not on the other part. I think the phone is nice if you get it for P4000 but when it is at a regular price of P5500, I think you should choose the branded one.

  • pwede po mag play ang youtube mabilis at malinaw..

    • NoypiGeeks

      Thanks for the confirmation Jhay. That’s good news.

  • taylor13

    ask ko lng po what is VPN connection??? im using myphone ts1 duo

  • NoypiGeeks

    VPN is usually used to access *blocked websites in your connection. For example, your University’s free Wi-Fi doesn’t permit you to access facebook or other social networking sites. Then, you can try using VPN to go to the site.

  • ask ko lang kung my other options sa text typing format? qwerty lang po ba siya or pede rin ang numeric? thanks

    • NoypiGeeks

      Oo naman pwede, flexible ang android. Go to Play store and download Smartkeyboard(or any other keyboard you like) and install. In messages, change your input method to Smartkeyboard from Android keyboard.

      • thanks po :) pinag iisipan ko kasi kung bibili ako eh…

  • rhey

    mr. Noypi…convince mo ako sa A818, pinag iisipan ko kung ito nalang bibilhin ko o yung galaxy Y…malaki ba difference nila??

    • NoypiGeeks

      Hi rhey, I won’t convince you instead I’ll just state some guidelines. First, compare all their features and specifications. Compare them. Second, check the quality. Lastly, check your budget. From there, you can choose what you should get. But in my opinion, I’ll choose Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N or LG Optimus L3.

      • Sili

         hi mr.noypi.. my dilemma is whether to buy myphone A818 or lg optimus l3…. regardless of the price, can u share some insights and infos, maybe contrast between the 2? pls……. :) thanx ;)

  • euare

    ok ba ang skype sa phone n yan , un kc gs2 q sana jan

  • NoypiGeeks

    I can’t confirm that euare since I haven’t tried it out yet. But since it has a front-facing camera, I assume that it can somehow handle video calls.

    • Titus

      I’ve been informing other guys, or people wanting to buy this phone (My|Phone A818 DUO) about its usage of Skype. Sadly, the phone does not support Skype. You could instal it, but upon signing in it will crash or force close. I just purchased a unit today and tried out what it can and cannot do. The phone is a so-so. I hope i helped somehow. Oh, and the internal memory is 191 MB only. The battery as of now is great. I’ve been using Facebook, Twitter and surfing the net back and forth and the battery is still at 40-50%. Not that bad. Again, hope I helped.

      • NoypiGeeks

        Thanks for the clarification Titus. It will definitely help a lot of potential buyers.

      • Xiaoking

        It supports Skype, but not the Video Call feature.  I have my skype working in my unit without that feature…:-) 

      • Angelo Deguzman

        mr titus how can i use the net?? can u pls give me ur accesss globe pls. 

      • Greeno

        For now, hindi pa kaya ng Skype ang video features ng A818. Sooner, mag develop din ang Skype na kayang i-handle ang camera nito. Si Yahoo, walang problema sa pag handle ng Video Call using A818. My suggestion: use Yahoo Video Call habang ginagawan ng paraan ni Skype kung paano niya ma handle si A818.

        • Chayanne Venus

          hi can u pls tell how did you manage to make a video call using Yahoo. kakainstall ko lang Yahoo messenger but it wont let me install the plug in for video call.

      • Maru

        no. pwede xa sa skype. though dapat binasa nyo ung users manual, kc sabi dun wag daw iupdate ang skype na nkainstall na sa phone or else mgccrash ito. ntry ko n lht ng apps and its working properly. satisfied n ko sa phone n to. :)

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  • Titus

    Upon installing skype it will say Application (Skype) is incompatible with the system. Continue the installation anyway? It will instal, but when you sign-in, it will crash.

  • Jay2804 of sb

    I guess suitable xakin toh. Kc di naman gaano kastable 3g natin d2 sa bansa. So wifi lan tlga to use the apps and fbt.. ^_^ saka para tlgang samsung galaxy un GUI nya. Nakta ko kahapon. 4k na andr0id, w/ big screen? Pde na.. Good deal na toh..

    • Andy

      True. For the price of 4k, it’s a good buy. Just compare it to the phones you could get with only 4k years back. Baka wala pang camerang maayos yun diba? People are so demanding these days dahil “maraming mas maganda/wlang 3g, etc.” pero question is, gagamitin mo ba yun every single day that it will affect your phone usage a lot? Ako namamahalan ako actually sa mga phones dahil di ko naman sure kung magagamit ko lahat ng features. at the same time, gusto ko naman magtatagal and updated yung phone so aun. :)

    • Xiaoking

      I agree with you… :o)

    • kath garcia

      wlang kwenta,,, pg2mgal n gingmit mo yan,,, mrrealized mo n wlang kwentang phone yan…..

  • New comment system installed. I’ll try to get your comments back asap. For the meantime, here’s what users have to say about the phone (based from the older comments).

    -Good battery life
    -Fair internal storage at 191MB
    -No flash support
    -Skype crashes
    -Front cam
    -Strean Youtube
    -Bang for buck

    Any additional information is highly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Xiaoking

      Share ko lang, regarding installing of Skype in this phone, Don’t activate “Video Calling” feature, it will crash.  I have my Skype activated in this phone with Call only feature.

    • Theoukarin

      Sad :( wala na bang last extension pa?  Sana kahit hanggang this week please…thanks!

  • Andy

    True. For the price of 4k, it’s a good buy. Just compare it to the phones you could get with only 4k years back. Baka wala pang camerang maayos yun diba? People are so demanding these days dahil “maraming mas maganda/wlang 3g, etc.” pero question is, gagamitin mo ba yun every single day that it will affect your phone usage a lot? Ako namamahalan ako actually sa mga phones dahil di ko naman sure kung magagamit ko lahat ng features. at the same time, gusto ko naman magtatagal and updated yung phone so aun. 

  • Xiaoshin01

    maganda po ba talaga siya?…

    • Xiaoking

      @Xiaoshin01 Kung di ka naman naghahanap ng 3G feature sulit narin tong phone na to.  I have one already and so far ok naman cya para sakin kasi yung mobile internet lang pinakakailangan kung features dito.

      • Xiaoshin01

         thnx.. im going to buy it na din kasi so far sa mga comments naman na nabasa ko ok naman..then ung friend ko bumili na .. i like it hehehe..sa 30 pa ako hahaha..i cant w8!

  • Xiaoshin01

    kasi im planning to buy po talaaga!! 4k lang po kasi budget ko..

  • MFO

    Sabi sakin kanina sa isang store yan saw yung pang tapat ng my phone sa Samsung galaxy, innocent question Lang, may market ba yan yung nadadownloadan ng apps?

  • Xiaoking

    Additional Info: 650 MHz ARM V6 Processor, MediaTek MT6573 Chipset

  • Onidz_28

    Thanks Xiaoking! don’t enable video call, upon signing in a pop-up message will appear just cancel it so you could still use the skype… if ever you accidentally enabled it, simply uninstall the skype app the re-install it again and then again upon signing in make sure not to enable video call features…

    Have you tried yahoo messenger Xiaoking?  requires messenger plugin, yet could not download it from android market, i thought this could be an alternate… thanks to those who are sharing their insights….

    • Hi Onidz, try to search for it in Google and install it to your phone. I think it should work that way.

      • Onidz_28

        Unfotunately still the same, it says not found.. hope sumone could help… googlemarket to google play?

  • Tatsumaru_2010

    I bought my a818 duo yesterday at SM fairview at P3,999 kahit walang kapalit na sira or lumang cellphone. For me, I find the phone cool, simple user lang kasi ako.

  • mom’s boy

    concise and very helpful review! Plus, the comment section is active. I was looking for an affordable phone for my mom and i saw a myphone stand at the mall (she evolved and now dares to explore the android world). i had to google it first before buying of course. Thanks for helping me out!

    • Hi mom’s boy, I’m glad we helped you. Thanks!

      • Archie_14

        my tv b ito?

        • There’s no report on TV capability from users yet. So I guess it doesn’t have one.

          • Athan7274

            wala po itong tv. ung TS1 ung meron kaso mababa ung OS nya V2.2 lang

  • Chaiansantos

     super sulit naman ang phone na ito.. i love it.. para na din xang galaxy lalot nag download ako ng themes ng galaxy


    does anyone try to download games like angry bird and fruit ninja ?
    im trying to buy and im not sure if it is compatible with games that i want !

    • ran

      compatible naman yang dalwang games.

  • PYAW !

    nagana din ba dito yung games na napapagana din ng mga samsung galaxy?
    like angry bird , fruitninja etc…

    • Xiaoking

      Ok ang Fruit Ninja gumagana cya sa phone na to.

    • Maru

      yes. updated ang Android nya. 2.3 Gingerbread. :)

  • Chaiansantos

    yap gumagana ang mga games ok na po xa.. thumbs up..

  • keith

    check out this thread as well…. madami din kau matutunan….

  •  paano i-enable yung cookies para maka sign-in sa facebook sa myphone a818

  • Tsunami_pf

    read din kau dito updated din sila.. and meron din sila news bout sa rooting.. 

  • Jae

    Mga guys tanong ko lang. pano ko ba malalaman yung number ng nagmisscall sakin na hindi ko kilala. Kasi di nakalagay yung number nya, UNKNOWN lang yung nakalagay. Tas walang other options like view number.. thanks

    • Athan7274

      pag unknown po ang nakalabas sa phone. i think call outside the country po ung incoming mo..kasi if coming from the phils yan dapat number po nya ung lalabas.

  • AJ

    Got One [email protected] Point Subic…Wise Buy…Thanks and thank u so much Anak :O

  • jaz

    pwede po bang kakao talk app here?

  • Sili

     hi mr.noypi.. my dilemma is whether to buy myphone A818 or lg optimus
    l3…. regardless of the price, can u share some insights and infos,
    maybe contrast between the 2? pls……. :) thanx ;)

  • Elijaabigailclar

    which one is better A818 or ts1 ?

  • Ktin_go

    ask ko lng kung talaga bang mabilis cia maglow bat?parang 10hrs lng cia low bat na agad…naka standby lng cia at paminsan minsan txt…may charging hours ba yan dapat or until ma full charge lng?

    • Krish Calizo

      download Easy Battery Saver and Easy Task killer on Play Store.. Ganyan talaga ang android..

  • Christianracuya

    soft touch ba ang screen ng A818

    • Krish Calizo


  • Mark Alfonso Nalos

    Hey there, I got this unit last Sunday, my only probable complain is that the battery life isn’t very long about less than 2 days after charge. The rest of the common specs I just read in the manual seems okay for now since it’s my first time using an android phone.

    • Krish Calizo

      ganyan din prob ko dati but i realize and some told me since its android ngah and ito na yung pinakamurang android madali lang talaga sya malowbat.. pero me apps para makatipid ng battery try to download it.. Easy Battery Saver and 
      Easy Task Killer Advanced on play store. if u have fb u can join our group at MyPhone A818 Duo Users para matulungan ka rin nila if me prob  ka regarding wit this fone..

      • You’re already lucky to reach 2 days at standard apps installed for an android phone. But you can buy JuiceDefender ultimate to save battery life (yung may bayad ha wag yung free). Overall good buy at 4K

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  • Mel

    got one, may problem po ako sa pag send nang message pag 2 sims na gamit mo
    (globe & smart) , may time na sa sim 2(smart) ko na e send, tapos yung receiver, na receive nya yung message ko from my sim 1(which is globe), kaso naka lagay doon sa screen ng phone na sim 2(smart) yung gamit ko na pang send sa message.

  • Rizcabasan

    i’m planning to have one..,ok ba to pang skype..?

    • Hi, according to user reports the front cam doesn’t work on skype. Only the call support. I’ll check that and I’ll inform you. 

  • Framemaker_99

    working ba ang instagram dito nga bro…maraming salamat….

    • Chona050988

      yup working instagram..

  • Rhi

    Multi Touch po ba yan??? ask ko lang po… kasi pinag iisipan ko kung alin ang mas reasonable, ang A818 or Optimus L3?

    • NoypiGeeks

      Hi Rhi, I ‘think’ it is multitouch. You can also look at Alcatel Glory 918N and LG Optimus L3 as well. I have articles about them too. Check it out and compare them.

    • iBreak96

      uu….multi-touch cya….maganda talaga dre…..as for me…..in that price maganda na cya…….para lng galaxy y….

      • Athan7274

        multi touch na po yan kasi u can play fruit ninja eh

    • Charles

      A818 Rules!

  • Skyphurba21

    maganda ang phone na ito…..yung di ko lng nagustohan ay yung ram……pero over all maganda cya…handy…sleek….yung apps din nito ay maganda….nakakadownload ako ng laro sa android market…..yung apps na pde dito ay….fruit ninja….angry birds…..tower defense…zenonia 3…inotia 3….halos laro sa android market pde dito sa phone na ito…..maganda din yung variation ng kulay kahit tatlo lng panalo na…..coffee yung kulay ng phone ko

    • kath garcia

      dpat ng psp k n lng kung puro games lng ngustuhan mo… ang pangit tlga nyan,,, promise,,, wlang kwentang phone!!!!!
      wlang kwenta,,, pg2mgal n gingmit mo yan,,, mrrealized mo n wlang kwentang phone yan…..

  • lee

    May promo pa ba nito? may balak kasi akong bumili, pero ask ko lang if, anong mas maganda a818 or ts1?

    • Athan7274

      A818 is Gingerbread while TS1 is Froyo

  • Been using this phone for a month now and so far so good. My last phone was a Dell Venue (15K) and i got the same functionality (at 4K) except the 3G connectivity. Got a good deal on this one at bumaba pa phone bill ko kase di na ko nag 3G puro wifi na lang. All my apps bought from Google Play are also installed in this phone (pero bakit ganun Market pa din sya hindi Google Play). Try it yourself.

  • ..magkano po ba ang price ni2 ngayon?

    • Athan7274


  • Bernardlouiebriones

    aanu format ng video nito 3pg ba

    • I think its in mp4 but you can always a third party app to play almost all kinds of video formats.

  • Simple_me215

    pde po ang nimbuzz s phone na eto.pls reply po before i buy

    • If it has an android version, yes it can. There are loads of other options than Nimbuzz too.

  • Mz_inna

    pede po ba ang application n nimbuzz s phone n eto.

  • Trisha Agnes

    pwde po ba instagram dito?

    • Ms Jenus

      pwd po im using my phone a818 unit…

  • Arvin

    Good day everyone! I’m planning to buy this phone. I’d like to ask if I can navigate my location using this phone?..And does skype work on this phone?, what I read is that skype works but only thr call feature, is it true?.. pls reply thanks..

    • Athan7274

      yes, you can use skype but for calling only not for video calling due to reason that the A818 is not 3G phone. :)

  • ENZOCRUZ0819


    • thea

      oo nga pano po masave ung mga downloaded games, themes, wallpapers sa memory card? thanx po.

      • Hi, download “Astro File Manager” from the Play Store then choose application back up. After the back up, you now have the installer of the app/apps in your memory card.

        • Pano po mg net kc d aq mkanet sa myphone A818 duo q nkakaasar n kc. d q mkapag fb sayang lng bili q dto kya nga ito binili q pra bmkapag fb e d nmn n gana pnu po b ang gagawin

        • beverly_16dj

          kpag ba nagbackup cya automatic pati ung app mismo nsa memory card na o ung installer lang? i had the same case sa htc explorer and i ended up selling the phone kc hnd ko ma-root. and has anyone tried the viber already? thanks.

  • Chelabel_ugalino

    paano ibahin ang keyboard doon sa traditonal

  • tet

    hi! kasama na ba pinoy content nya?

  • Jayvee_01

    hmmm its kinda disturbing how come that myphone a818 duo has no pros and cos? we need to have check right? before we buy something worth a penny?

  • Chona050988

    ngayon q na eenjoy ang my phone q a818 dou q..hehehe

  • Reymond_rhime16

    ano mas ok myphone a818 duo oh samsung galaxy pocket? gusto ko kasing bumili but can’t decide if which one will i choose to buy,, so which of these are better? answer me please.. thanks..

  • JAyAr

    kong pa ano unit ng cell phone ko china pwede na po ba yun makakakuha ba ako ng unit nayan !!

  • Leah

    How much nlng po to ngayon ?

  • Ma. Eleanor Eva Ontal

    a818 duo is so damn good. i don’t get bored using it… i really thought at first that my phone phones are the same as china phones.. but it got me wrong because of this a818 duo, it’s kinda more like samsung or lg…that’s what i found out when i compared it to my brother’s phone.. anyone who’d asked me what’s the brand of the phone i’m using, they would doubt me when i told them it’s MyPhone,,, they even said that it they thought it’s iPhone, so my reaction was “woah, really?” … hahaha .. . love it! i suggest you to buy one:))

    • Thanks for sharing! =)

      • balong

        sir panu ba pataasin ung storge ng a818 duo

  • Jchilario

    magkano na po ito ngayon? ty

  • kath garcia

    ang pangit pla ni2!!! dmi prblema nitong phone n 2….

    • Hi Kath, maybe your unit has defects. You can ask MyPhone to replace it if it is still in the warranty period.

    • jiffy aquino

      hahaha, kawawa ka naman, sana a858 n binili mo, yun , walang problema, alang lag

    • jhepoy

      ikaw ung panget

  • kath garcia

    4k… konti n lng dadagdag ko,, my galaxy y n ako…. ang pngit tlga!!! syang lng bili ko….. pde b ibalik 2? nkkdismaya…..

  • kath garcia

    puro log nman ung games!!! putanginang myphone 2… hndi b kyo nhihiya? mura nga,,, kc mura rin ung pyesang ginamit…. dun n kyo s mahal nga,, cgurado nman…. nkkbwisit!!! ayaw mgconnect s internet pg my password……

    • proud 2b pinoy

      dika talaga makaconnect eh may pasword eh.makamura ka nmn parang hindi ka pinoy.pinoyphone usapan d2

    • rainier07

      Normal na hindi ka makakaconnect since may password ang wifi network. :p I suggest na kung application lover ka, go for something that’s more expensive. Average phone kasi ang My Phone A818 Duo. Walang 3×4 keypad so mag-iinstall ka pa. But, okay naman siya. Mapagtiyatiyagaan kung simple user ka lang. c:

    • Gwapo

      kahit iPhone 5 pa yang phone mo, kung wala kang wifi password hindi ka maka connect sa net! LOL

    • mark

      paano ka makaka connect sa wi fe kung hindi mo ni lalagay yong pass. ng wife

  • shinuske

    does this phone has numerical numberpad when it comes to texting? i hate using qwerty on touch phones, hehehe

    • Yes, you can download an app for that in the Google Play Store.

  • china made ba ang My Phone CP?

  • inskee

    there’s no skip wondow popping out. that’s my last stop. can’t install pinoy app..please help……… :(

    • inskee

      can’t reach the myphone landline :(

  • bel

    ah pwede po bang tumawag gamit yung sim 1 habang may on going call ka sa sim 2???? or pwede bang pagsabayin mo yung tawag ng sim 1 and 2?? yung ibang my phone kase pwede eh. i was just wondering if this also apllies to a818 duo

  • gumagana po ba yung viber sa phone na to ?

    • Yes, I think it can. Its a light app anyway.

  • Panu po b mg fb sa A818 duo d aq mkaconnect sa net kpag load ang gmit

  • yhed

    tanong ko lang po bakit po on & off yung power nya kahit wala naman pong nagttxt or tumatawag? paki sagot nman po..thanks

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  • Maru

    hi! i bought my A818 Myphone the two days ago, and I’m very satisfied. Actually my first encounter with this phone is with my classmate’s. I thought its a samsung brand, then she said its Myphone. It’s very cool, that my aunts thought its an Iphone, Sony and Samsung. hahahaha! It’s very fast and handy. I suggest that you buy one too. :) Great phone!

  • Maru

    Sir Noypi! bkt po ganun? ngimport ako ng contacts from my sim, then the contacts that I’ve imported is not visible at the CONTACTS panel. pero dun sa settings>sim management>contacts and sims>add contact, andun po xa lahat. hndi ko alam kung pano ko xa mgagawang visible sa contacts. i deleted my contacts from the sim p nmn kc akala ko ok na >.<. please help~ Thank you, just bought this one last thursday. Sa ibang apps ok nmn xa and great. ung contacts lng tlaga :))

    • Hey, do back up your contacts to your SD card and try importing it again. Or, sync your contacts to your Google account and do a factory reset.

  • erica

    can it do skype video call po ba?

  • jah

    may alam po ba kau na myphone installment


    paano mag-delete ng mga messages sa phone na ‘to?

  • Mimi

    maganda po ba ang kuha ng camera nito?

  • Francis Capuchino

    nu po ba mas maganda a818 or ipod?

  • mik

    I am having a hard time na mapagana yung kakaotalk using this phone.. nagkakaproblem upon yung entry ng number.. di ako makaaccess.. can you please help me??? Hindi ko alam kung di maayos yung pagkakainstall or what.. I just want kakaotalk app so bad. :-(

  • gabby

    pano ba mag enable ng cookies sa A818 duo? im having trouble magconnect sa facebook gamit ang regular load . ty

  • princess missley

    di ko magamit ang fb ng a818duo. badtrip. ginawa kuna lahat. my wifi naman bat ganyan. di pwede.:((

  • dylen grace a. ramirez

    want to ask for help… hope you can share your insights… could you please help me enable my cookies for me to browse the net?

  • bakit cant play daw yung movie? shit aman….. .avi yung format..please help :D

    • Download MX Player at the Play Store.

  • black

    Bakit ayaw masave ng mga apps sa memory card ng myphone a18, lage nalng memory not enough.. Kahit ang memory pa na available is 8gig

    • fadzki

      boss you need to root your Myphone for that…

  • Violet

    Nag “stop unexpectedly” ung messaging. Di po namin maopen. Pag ibubukas po namin ung messaging “The application Messaging (process com.android.mms)has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again later” Yan po ang lumalabas. Ayaw po bumalik sa dati eh. Help naman po oh. Thank you.

  • paul

    noypiGeeks.. hi pno po mag install ng flash player sa a818 duo ung comtible po.tnx..

    • paul

      guys baka may nkakaalam help me po..

  • terrabyte

    gamit ko myphone a818 duo paano mag video call sa skype.. wala sa setting ng skype eh…

    • edsky

      gamit ko myphone a818 duo paano mag set ng video call sa skype wla s setting ng skype. paki help naman. hehehehe.

      • billyA818

        Hindi po sya 3g so skype videocall is impossible.

  • binili ko ito 3300 lang… napakaganda po ng phone na ito

  • sir ani mas maganda? a818 o a618? Pls reply :)

  • mark

    Ano po ba Original Price ne2 ?? Yung wala pong Trial Madness ?

  • Iam GeYanz

    dre bakit ang lakas kumain ng battery tong A818? anong maganda gawin?.. halos d aabot ng 1day di ko naman masyadong ginagamit

  • Randolf Sombilon

    sir paano maayos yung lcd ng myphone a818 duo

  • jespher

    i want to experience having a touchscreen phone but sad for me i cant.
    even thou i am responsible as incoming fourth year student my parents
    don’t want me to buy coz they said i am careless and we are not that
    rich. i’m hoping, dreaming and always praying to have a touchscreen
    phone but i give up. since elementary i want to have a phone like that
    but now i am a graduating student i dont still have any phone like that.
    sad for me. hope there is a miracle. hoping

  • Jade Davaoeno

    If you want to buy any Myphone for GPS purposes, forget it… It does not work properly. Or sometimes, does not work anything at all, especially after you have downloaded some android applications. Buy Samsung, Xperia or Iphone instead.

  • hershey

    yung speaker ng A818 duo the best. gustong gusto kong bumili ng A919i kung same sila ng speaker. bakit eto lang ung unit na may ganung klase ng speaker. hindi sabog. kalevel nito ung mga top selling international android phones. (pagdating sa speaker). :) camera not that good. pero okay lang kasi i got my separate camera naman. i use this phone for texting, gaming and music at its best.. :)

  • Jeremy

    First 2 months, ok na ok ang experience sa phone na to. But after makapag-install ng several apps, ang bagal na ng performance, kadalasan nangyayari sa phone kapag nagpapatugtog ako bigla nalang humihinto kahit di mo ginagalaw or khit nasa mesa nakapatong, nakakainis. At kupad din mag-load ng icons, paiba-iba ng pwesto, minsan duplicated pa mga icons ng apps. Hindi pwede sa games ito like sa katulad ng Zoo defenders (nag-lalag sobra), Logo quiz pwede.)

    Sakto lang to for texting, call at music but not for other purposes.
    I suggest you buy CherryMobile Flare (ung dual or quad-core) with the same price range as this.

  • kendrick john c. vila

    i return my phone to the sun plan coz of its poor performance laging naghahang ayaw na maopen i’m dismayed… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

  • ME

    tanong po, bat hindi po ako makaanswer ng mga incoming calls, pero na kakatawag naman ako, di lang talaga ako makaanswer :<, walang nagpapop out sa screen ko, pero ung mga tumawag sa akin, busy daw. yung tipong mga binaba. HELP

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  • AJ

    Ito ang first phone ko at wala namang problem, (2013,pers taym eh nyay) bilib nga ako eh, palagi kong nahuhulog ang phone ko (clumsy eh hehe) sa isang araw nakaka walo ata, 5ft5inc. double deck bed at sa taas ako, magigising nalang akong nasa sahig na, pero okay parin, mabilis parin. Until nag 6mons. na sakin, palagi nang nag laLag :( i tried uninstalling my apps (camera 360, antivirus, facebook, wattpad) pero ganun parin, camera laging nag koclose magisa, pang music at text/call nalang siya :(


  • Carlo Mar

    Phone ko to since 2012 and guess what ! its 2016!!! though nagkaraoon na ko ng ASUS (1 year na ata till now), gamit ko pa rin to for my other sim cards. Sa tibay panalo to, sa specs, mid lang siya but hey. panlaban to sa nokia ! haha