MyPhone decided to stick to their current android line-up for a few months now and their most recent release was last December. Fortunately, we’re now hearing some rumors (and facts!) on what could be the next big thing on MyPhone. The new smartphones were dubbed as the MyPhone A919i and A919 3D.

It all started with a graphic that MyPhone posted which hints the release of new android phones and Jelly Bean updates on their existing devices. But, that’s too still vague to conclude anything. The good thing is, we’ve talked to GM – someone who knows about the upcoming android devices.

UPDATE as of May 14: Read our MyPhone A919i Review

UPDATE as of May 1: MyPhone A919i Duo in the flesh, First impressions

UPDATE as of May 27: MyPhone A919 3D Duo now official! Check the details HERE!

Our trusted source said that these android phones will come out this April or May. The MyPhone A919 3D Duo will be coming out first while the MyPhone A919i Duo will follow shortly. As the name implies, the A919 3D will have a not-so-typical type of display while the A919i is slated to have a huge bump in specifications in comparison to its predecessor, the MyPhone A919 Duo.

MyPhone A919i Duo Specs

Micromax A116 HD - MyPhone A919i

The MyPhone A919i Duo will flaunt a 5-inch HD (1280×720) IPS display and it will be powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core MT6589 processor. A 1GB RAM and PowerVR SGX544 GPU (the same GPU used by the Exynos 5 version of the S4) will also complement the high-definition display and quad-core CPU so that the performance wouldn’t suffer despite having that kind of display. Other known features are the 8-megapixel autofocus rear camera with LED flash, 2-megapixel front camera, and OTG. Oh, it’s running on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean too!

MyPhone A919 3D Duo Features

Meanwhile, the MyPhone A919 3D Duo doesn’t boast similar specs but it’s still impressive nonetheless. Our insider said that it’ll only have a dual-core processor and the RAM is still unknown though we’re sure that it’s 1GB as the lower end won’t make it to the cut in today’s standards. It will also carry a huge battery as it’s noted to be a bit ‘bulky’. It will also run on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. I believe that it will sport the MT6577 processor and PowerVR SGX 531 so the performance is still on the good side as it’s optimized for low resolution devices, particularly the WVGA (480×800) on a 5-inch display.


As for the price, the MyPhone A919i will be priced at around Php9,xxx while the MyPhone A919 3D will go for Php7,xxx. To those who are wondering, yes, this info is legit and confirmed. We’re not sure on the exact figures but that’ll give you an idea on how it will be priced.

UPDATE: MyPhone A919i Duo official price is Php9,590!


Thanks to John Kenneth!

More coverage!

We don’t have the full specifications but it looks like these two were similar to the Micromax A116 HD and Micromax A115 3D. If it’s true, then we’ll be looking forward to the next local android king in the Philippines. The 3D is targeted more on mid-range users as it’ll only have a mediocre WVGA display – which isn’t really that bad if you’ll ask me.

So far these are the only details we have right now as MyPhone is really strict on letting things go out. We’ll let you know once we get more information and keep checking us out as we will be one of the first publications who’ll know it. Are you excited? Any thoughts on these devices? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: Check out our comprehensive review of the MyPhone A919i Duo HERE.

  • PHanon

    Micromax a116, here we come!

  • shashashasha! GM= Ginei Morioka ba yan?

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    Nice! Quadcore already!

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    please don’t put the phil flag :-)

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            Hindi daw kumpleto yung map, dapat daw kasama yung sabah. LOL

          • oo nga noh, d na sama ang sabah kasi. heheheheh

          • hahaha para feeling naka S4. Ikinahihiya nila na naka myPhone lang sila :P

          • hahaha nahihiya pala eh bakit bibili pa… s4 nalang bilhin nila. basta ako may mapa man yan o wala, bibilhin ko yan hahahaha wala ng maraming satsat…

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    Sana may tv na rin.

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    Cute candy crush billboard. ☺

  • alcbu

    My advice to Myphone ditch the map at the back and make that pinoy apps deletable to those who don’t need it, put instead a good batt saver app. Myphones are good enough in terms of quality and post-sales service. It’s those damn pinoy apps and map that makes potential buyers like me from holding out. Myphone has outgrown it’s image as a poor man’s phone and many of it’s recent offerings are smartphones which it has difficulty catering to them, Cherry Mobile is winning the battle in that segment. But winning the war is from over it cannot be won by price alone. Myphone’s advantage is it’s strong after sales service add sensible pricing it should be the winner. The middle and even the high income segment is smart enough to realize that and its smart to know that everything’s made in china now so what’s the map about? It’s time Myphone rethink it’s strategy.

    • Anonymous


    • pede mu po tanggalin ang mapa or logo by aceton at ung pinoy apps pede pong mawala disable it sa setting>application explore po sana naten minsan ung phone naten

      • Aljon Pua

        Pwede lahat yang tanung mo iroot mo lang yng cp mo tapos mag install k ng root explorer.

    • pede mo tanggalin yung mapa sa likod… kaskasan mu ng kutsilyo ..

    • after sales is everything. what you are asking are petty things where you could do something about. i choose myphone over cherry just for peace of mind. lol ditching the map para mas pogi para feeling naka S4.

      • i think the map is fine. pwede na mang ma erase or takpan mo na lang nang phone jacket or something. or mag S4 ka nalang hehehe mas pogi points yung totoo, hindi feeling lang or pineke. peace!

    • Tebats

      Apple na lang bilhin mo para maganda ung logo sa likod, wala pang pinoy apps. Hehehe

  • my very most awaited combination of OmegaHD and Flame 2.0 (A919i Duo) at last it will be released by myPhone sooooooooon, hopefully very soooooon. Looking forward for further specs and it’s actual review. Thanks for this :)

  • anonymous

    galit na galit kayo sa ph map ah.. LOL.. taena nung kasalanan sanyo ng mapa?..

    • ahahaha ou nga nuh! pede namn tanggalin gamet acet0n lang..

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      walang sinabi ang GOOGLE MAPS sa mpyhone map! kahit OFFLINE may mapa ka sa mphone. hindi nga lang nazozoom!

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    hahaha, taob ang starmobile mobile diamond kung ganyan talaga pricing. pero taena… me myphone maps pa rin ang back casing!

  • baka maligaw ako pag wala yung mapa ng ph sa likod :)

  • dwin

    with Dragon Trail Glass ba ito?

    • xXSweetSmileXx


  • aj turno

    dragntrailed ba to ?

  • Tres Demontaño

    The official price for myPhone A919i Duo is P9,590.

    Source: myPhone Kiosk in SM Iloilo. They already have the price tag and official specifications but doesn’t have the actual unit.

    • aj turno

      dragontrail glass ba sya or just soda lime glass ?

      • Tres Demontaño

        Neither of the two. Based on the specs of the phone, the only information that we have is that it will have an IPS HD LCD Capacitive Display with 16M of Colors.

  • Wow myphone, I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I have a a878 model but i will wait for this because gusto ko talaga yung nanonood ng mga movies sa phone ko, specially yung HD, kahit 720p ok na yan. Pero ang a878, eh, nakakaplay naman ng HD 720 p na mga vids, pero nag lalag sya or hindi smooth ang kanyang playback..
    I will save up for this. In the mean time, I will wait till’ December or any day na mag sale ito. I’m a very patient man.
    And if you guys want the full specs for this (aka. Micromax a116 canvas HD) here’s the link :)

  • Tres Demontaño

    Wala pa rin bang definite na date kung kelan ‘to ilalabas? Araw araw na akong nag-iintay.

  • micromax canvas a116 hd npakarami ng nag aabang P9,590 ok to. buti nlang di starmobile nakakuha nito pagnagkataon 13k+ ang price nito

  • Shabu pa

    matibay naman kaya to?? atsaka kamzta naman kaya camera resolution baka ang 8megapixel nito ay katumbas lang ng 3 megapixel ng samsung??

    • matanglawin

      magkaiba ser. megapixel yan yung gaano kalaki yung picture. di po dyan nasusukat yung ganda ng picture. so kung ang pagbabasehan mo yung megapixel, mas malaki yung resolution ng 8MP. Sana maliwanagan na ang mga pinoy sa definition ng Megapixel.

      • Tang Ina Nio

        wala sa RESOLUTION yung ganda ng image. kahit sabihin na 1000000 megapixels pa yan ibig lang sabihin nun malaki yung image pero it doesnt mean na MALINAW at MAGANDA yung image.

    • Wala sa resolution ang quality ng pics, nasa sensor at lens.

      • jay


      • JP Garmay

        ugok nasa resolution yan kung gusto mo quality screen. bobo

        • Camera resolution ang pinaguusapan hindi yung screen diba? Mag-isip isip ka naman.

          • Wag_ka_kasing_kupal

            @JP Garmay – ikaw ang ugok. Puro ka dada. Mag-basa ka kasi muna at gumamit ng konting isip bago mag-reply, para hindi nagmumukang tanga. Soplak amf!

  • poor man

    habang tumatagal pamahal ng pamahal mga androids nyo, kala ko ba cellphone ng bayan ang ginagawa nyo, pano yan hindi nga mabili ng mga pinoy!? sana gayahin nyo cherry mobile, may 4k worth na android phones, tas mataas pa specs..madali nga lang daw masira sabi ng ilan, pero naniniwala ako na nasa pag iingat din yan nang gumagamit, kaya Myphone sana may budget phones din kayo na ilalabas para sa mga katulad namin..

    • jl

      gumaganda naman kasi specs. good buy to. pero sana tangalin nga yung map :-)

      • LOL

        bat mo naman aalisin ang map? if you ‘re not proud.. fuck-off!

        • tae

          ayos ka boy “fuck-off” .. keep it up.. goodjob

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            mga ungas bat ayaw d un philippine flag , MAP yun hahaha
            txaka magpa skin kayu kung ayaw nyu ung map
            Myphone & CM phone owner

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        bakit po tatanggalin ung map eeh… ung nga po ang identity ng myphone as well our country

        • xXSweetSmileXx


      • xXSweetSmileXx

        WTF kinakahiya ang map. Oyy mga pinoy kayo bkit nyo kinakahiya? Dafuq

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    ito hinahanap ko! para ka na ring naka s3!..

  • Moshi Mosh

    tanong ko lang po mga bossing, mas durable ba talaga ang mga products ng myphone compared to CM’s? i know na nasa pag iingat lang talaga yan, pero d talaga kasi naiiwasang mahulog paminsan minsan.

    • jl

      parehas lang rebranded.

      • Anong kinalaman ng sagot mo sa tanong niya?

        • JP Garmay

          di ka ba nakaka intindi sa sagot nya? bobo!

      • Chad Bee

        magkaiba supplier nila, saka CM mas marami kumuha ng volume orders kaya nagsusuffer quality minsan maibaba lng nila todo ung price, saka sa dami ng model nila nairelease punom puno na service center nila

    • carla

      in my opinion mas durable pa ang myphone kesa sa CM…

  • sana my AM nman ung phone na gawa nyo……

  • jl

    A phone that will rival CM in terms of price per specs.

  • matanglawin

    Magpa SKIN kayo ng phone sa Laptop Skin Manila kung ayaw nyo ng mapa ng Pilipinas. ang hirap kasi bunganga inuuna bago solution.

  • CM Lover.

    Mas D,Best yung Cherry mobile. Mura lang pero matibay. CM Flame 2.0 swabe na at mabilis pa…. Wala pa Philippine flag.hahaha…. :)

    • tang ina mo mag iphone ka LOL!

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        ulol taing ina mo lalo. LOL

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        eto sa yo

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      i like it better with the Philippine Flag. Bakit ko itatago ang pagiging Pinoy ko?

    • RatZon

      Cherry mobile maraming negative feedbacks, kahit mura puro sakit sa ulo ang ibibigay. I will stick to myphone.

    • saxons

      e meron naman accessories na pwedeng gamitin pag tago sa Phil. flag kung ayaw mo! basta gusto madaming paraan! geez

  • Lame. Kakabili ko lang nung A919 last Feb. Ngayon luma na siya. Sad. :'( But still, MyPhone is great. Walang naging problema sa phone ko up to this date. :))

    • JP Garmay

      problema lang si bf. hehehe peace.

  • 711forever

    Still deciding between cherry mobile omega hd and my phone a919i. Alin ang mas maganda in terms of battery life, quality of pictures and videos, and especially after sales service? Nagma-matter ba na dragon trail screen yung omega hd?

    • JP Garmay

      yup maganda picture ni omega compared to a919i

      • my x bf

        maganda sana pag kuha pro pangit yung model yahahah

  • far better than cherry mobile omega hd compare with their respective price.

    • JP Garmay

      ohd has better camera

      • xXSweetSmileXx

        Super Lagg nman dba sa mga games

    • JP Garmay

      Omega HD with it’s BSI Camera definitely wins this one. Front and back camera for that matter. Pero hindi din naman ganun nagpapahuli si A919i, images and videos taken by it is adequate enough. Pero kung mahilig ka talaga mag Selfie pictures eh sa Omega HD ka na. Hahaha.

  • IronPig

    JUST GOT A919i DUO


  • Batang_GUenyo

    kamusta nmn po ang browsing performance? ayos nmn po kaya to pag manonood ng anime sa wifi? ang sound at video quality nmn po? gano katagal ang estimated battery life pag nanonood or music trip lang? kung ikukumpara sa CM Flame 2.0 alin po ang mas magaling? choices ko e CM flame 2.0, Myphone A919i duo [at sana lenovo p770 kaso d kasya budget]

  • psionicd

    Bumuka tahi ng gilagid ko sa kakatawa sa mga comments

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  • Vice Ganda



    • huy pangit ng specs ng starmobile mga madali malowbat

    • RatZon

      I will agree on CM but not myphone. Using my tw1 duo for more than a year and its working fine and smoothly. Star Mobile is new but iffy on the specs and performance wise.

    • Teku

      vice ganda is that yo…

  • Micromax ang brand nyan…nakita ko na yung quadcore na sinasabi nila and ang ganda kinumpara nila ito sa galaxy grand sobrang taaz ang specs ng my phone na ito..pero ang disadvantage nia lng camera at yung UI…..over all maganda i will give 8 out of 10…marami pang ilalabas ang my phone at cherry mobile na quadcore device

    • RAC

      hindi micromax ang brand nito kuya jem.
      pareho lang sila ng oem. bali kinuha nila ito mula china para tatakan ng myphone, ganun din ang micromax, kinuha din nila mula china para tatakan ng micromax.

      • pero ganun din yun :)…walang basagan ng trip…pero maganda yung specs…tanung ko lng if makakalaro ako ng 2k13!

        • RAC

          hahaha sige sige kuya jem, mukhang maganda trip natin ngayong araw eh, aha, sige micromax na rin un :D

          • curios lng po kc ako gusto ko bumili kaso gusto ko rin yung kumpleto yung 2k13 like may mga tao sa bench nia aheheh at yung mga dancer gusto ko masubukan kung ganun nga ka ganda graphics ng game dito :)

        • RAC

          oo, ok ang 2k13 sa A919i.

  • kosik

    Just got these phone khapon. its more than i expected/ Sobrang lupet ang blis ng phone na to. D best pang games. Camera nia is not that bad nmn kung mka comment nmn kayo? Hndi nmn ako photographer pra ireklamo p to. overall 9.9 out of 10 score ko d2

    • NA TRY MUNA YUNG GAMING RYT?? ok ba yung 2k13 nia may mga tao ba sa bench?? and may mga dancer ba?

  • tokz

    Seriously..Im a CM titan user,it was great but no offense to my fellow CM users..this will definitely pawn CM for now since yung bagong ilalabas nila is also a quad..but i dont think the adreno gpu can compete with a919i’s therefore they win in this part..who knows baka may papalabas na naman na mas mataas na specs na pwd i compete..ganyan talaga pag competition you win some you lose some ^_^

  • Luh

    Parang may mali sa detail

  • dong

    Got mine yesterday…

    ang bilis :)

  • Bryan Legaspi

    Micromax A116 Canvas HD po ba ang international brand name ng myphone a919i?

    • eminemfan

      Micromax is indian brand.

  • anons

    potah kayo wala lang kayo pambili !!!!!

    • BoomBaby ~ ~

      HAHA! Baka ikaw lang noh? :PP ~ -___- At makamura ka wagas teh! -___-

  • Sinuswerte

    Wow galing2x naman.., as expected to my|phone.., pero grabe naman kung maka price.., PHp 9,590.., magkasing price lang ng PIPO M9 tablet ko.., wagas!!!

    magaantay ako ng sale.., 40%!!! hahaha ^_^

    • navksa

      Saan ka ba bumili ng Pipo M9 tablet? Ask Lang.

  • salingpusa

    please help po,bumili ako ng my phone a919i duo gusto ko kc malaman ang lhat ng setting s niya so napindot ko po ung touch talk.ang problema po hnd ko na cya maibalik kc hnd gumana ung scroll down and up in kung ano lng ung nasa screen un lng ang pwd mo maaccess..ang take note need idouble tap ang icon para magopen..hnd katulad dati na one touch lng open na kaagad..

    • edwin

      parehas na parehas ung nangyari sau sa akin… sad noh.. 3months pa lng ung phone q .. bininta q na.. sayang money q..

  • jim

    Micromax is an Indian brand.

  • Nirvana

    BUmili officemate ko ng myphone kaso lagi namin niloloko uwi tayo province kc bakit may map sa likod? ayun after 2 weeks pinalitan ng Samsung brand. ang Jologs ng map sa lokod sensya na hehe….

    • jc

      sayang naman,dapat kung map lang wala naman problem yun eh,sinisimbolo pa yung pagkapilipino natin…

    • niko

      korny mo lol

    • revonne

      ahmm interms of specs and performance judging from the reviews and on hand test I could safely assume that this myphone is much superior than samsung brand :) Although the build quality of samsung to myphone is incomparable , it is just the matter of how you would use the handset. Regarding the map in the cover. You can simply put a jacket

    • Pritz Von

      jologs?ikaw ano magandang tawag sayo?

      “Alien o Unggoy”?

  • niko


    makapag salita ka jologs haha korny mo kung di dahil sa jologs na nasalikod ng my phone wala ka sakinatatayuan mu lol

  • keme

    ang mahal naman

  • jos

    bakit walang update ang myphone a919 duo?

  • afafaf

    The a919i is already good considering parang s3 na specs niya at that price.

  • rhowdzgerre

    nice,, ill buy one soon :P

  • Mememe

    Blak q ma buy ng new phone. Ano b mgnda omega hd or a919iduo? Gsto ko kxi malinaw cam sa hrap lalo na pag gabi..

  • navksa

    For Php 5k this phone is great. It is fast and responsive; amazing speed for not so impressive hardware. Camera is very good.