Smart just announced the most affordable unlimited surfing mobile surfing promo in the Philippines called as the Opera UnliSurf15. For only Php15 a day, you’ll be able to enjoy all your online activities without breaking the bank. Check out the full details after the break.

Smart Opera UnliSurf15 and Smart Opera UnliSurf60

The promo will give you one day of unlimited internet if you’re using Opera Mini as your mobile browser. But in case you’re planning to do some heavy downloading and the like, I’m sorry to tell you that you would be limited to only 15MB if that’s your intention (it’s free). It’s best to use Opera UnliSurf15 to check your favorite social networking sites but you need to get used to a simple layout as that’s what Opera Mini do in order to save as much bandwidth as it can. In fact, that’s what helped Smart put up this offer. Due to Opera Mini’s brilliant bandwidth saving feature, less data will be consumed unlike in other browsers where you will be charged several MBs already after minimal use. For heavy users, you can subscribe for a longer period by using Opera UnliSurf60, a 5-day mobile internet package.

How to register Opera UnliSurf15 and Opera Unlisurf60

  • Type “OPERA 15” and send it to 211.
  • Type “OPERA 60” and send it to 211.

Easy, right? These promos are available for all Smart, Talk ‘N Text, Postpaid, and Infinity subscribers. You can get in as long as you have an internet capable mobile phone (and smartphone) with Opera Mini installed. We hope that mobile data charges will go down even further when competition goes up. And yes, we’re looking at you – Globe. What do you guys think? This offer looks sweet, eh?

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  1. Hello. About the SMART opera mini promo. Once we register for the opera mini promo, can we also use the data for other stuff like games?,download movies,music, can we uae data other than the opera mini browser? If not, can you make a new promo please. Me and my friends saw a promo in “GLOBE” that gives you 1000mb for 7 days for only php70. can you please make that. Me and my friends needed that and we have been looking for that. We cant use GLOBE. So please. Thanks