HTC’s flagship android phone for 2013 has been doing well on various markets right now and they’ve probably realized that they nailed something that tickles the interest of the public. What about a smaller HTC One? Or perhaps an HTC One Half? Just kidding!

Like other companies such as Apple and Samsung, HTC is now looking to reuse the design of the beautiful unibody of HTC One as people really like the refreshing look it offers. As what Samsung did on the Galaxy S3, they are now planning to put up a mid-range device with the same design language as their flagship device.

Apparently, Samsung overused the look of the S3 as they’ve implemented it on nearly all of their android phones which is quite absurd. Today, there’s no way to quickly distinguish which is which. Also, given that people don’t really care which unit you’re using and they’re just contented in the term “Galaxy” makes it even worse.

The HTC M4 is a really good move for HTC as the demand for the HTC One is continuously increasing upon further roll out. However, since it’s a mid-range device, they decided to cut a few assets of the One.

HTC M4 was said to sport a dual-core processor but the RAM will stay at a good amount of 2GB. The internal storage will be at about 16GB and it will come with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and HTC Sense.┬áThe controversial “UltraPixel” camera of the HTC One will make its way to its cheaper sibling as well. The handset is also reported to be smaller at 4.3-inch and it’ll be equipped with a HD display. The HTC M4 will also support LTE. Since these specs aren’t too power hungry, it’ll come with only 1700mAh of battery which I think is quite a letdown on this awesome product.

The HTC M4 or HTC One Mini / One Half (for lack of a better term!) will hit the shelves at the end of Q2 this 2013.


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