We love gadgets and we know you do too. Techies don’t usually toss around their lovely gadgets and in fact it’s always on a safe haven to prevent it from having scratches. But despite all that, we can’t really tell when and where our smartphone will be dropped.

The folks at Android Authority seem to like destroying smartphones as they are at it again – making the newly-released HTC One go up face-to-face with Apple’s iPhone 5 on an ultimate¬†drop test showdown. They tried to simulate real life situations so that the gadgets will fall off naturally. Of course, they can’t drop it at the exact same angle but their attempts looked fairly nice.

The first drop was from the pocket level which is obviously the most common issue encountered by mobile users. The next two tests from the chest and head level were somewhat unusual but it still gives us a good view on how tough these smartphones are. Both phones have great and solid build but can they take the blow?

We won’t spoil it anymore so just watch this video and you be the judge.

iPhone 5 vs HTC One Drop Test

What do you think of this amazing video? Which do you think is better? HTC One or the iPhone 5?


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