Last year’s G Pad 8.3 will be having three new brothers, namely, the LG G Pad 7.0, G Pad 8.0, and G Pad 10.1. As their names suggest, they’re of different sizes to cater to different multimedia users.

LG hasn’t revealed the full hardware specifications for the three new tablets in their press release (but we can safely assume that they all run Android OS and have the usual connectivity options. The official press photos show a rear shooter and also suggest a plastic body and on-screen buttons). Instead, the Korean electronics giant highlighted what each of the tablet is for.

To start with, the LG G Pad 7.0 is the smallest slate that’s intended for one-hand operations. It’s a mobile device for predominantly entertainment purposes. The bigger G Pad 8.0 is the middle choice for anyone looking for an “immersive multimedia experience and smooth multitasking.” Finally, the G Pad 10.1 offers the largest screen real estate and battery capacity.

So yeah, the highlights hardly differentiate any of the tablets from each other, but LG president and chief executive officer Dr. Jong-seok Park reasons that adding three new tablets (instead of just one follow-up to the G Pad 8.3) is their response to customers wanting for more options. Tablets, he claims, “are not one size fits all.”

Features unique to the LG G Pad series include the company’s user interface tweaks and gestures, such as the QPair 2.0 and Knock Code. The former lets users connect to any Android-powered smartphones, so they can receive and respond to text messages and calls from the tablets directly. As popularized by the LG G2 smartphone, the Knock Code allows locking and unlocking/waking of the device with a simple pattern of taps or “knocks” on the display.

Specifications, availability, and pricing remain unknown, but these much needed info will be disclosed “in the weeks ahead.”

[Source: LG]

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