In case you missed it, MyPhone has been actively teasing their upcoming flagship phone, the Iceberg Mini, on their Facebook page. There’s a lot we already know about it, especially since MyPhone has already released an official spec sheet infographic of sorts. However, we’re yet to see some live pics of the actual phone. Of course, it might interest you guys that we’ve managed to nab ourselves some actual pics of the MyPhone Iceberg Mini. Curious :)?

MyPhone Iceberg Mini Screen

First, we see the 5 inch Full HD OGS IPS display. Not only are you benefiting from the accurate color reproduction and wide viewing angles that is typical of IPS, but you also get a much thinner screen assembly that is the hallmark of OGS. While it’s not the first Full HD smartphone from a local brand, it has one of the better screens.

MyPhone Iceberg Mini Camera

There’s also the 13mp autofocus camera, which you’ll likely be playing around a lot thanks to the software camera tricks that have been baked into the Iceberg Mini. It features a BSI sensor, so theoretically, it should perform quite well under low light.

MyPhone Iceberg Mini Camera Tricks

However, software tricks Erase Object, Cinemagraph, and 360 Panorama are what will keep you playing with it.

It also appears to be quite the looker with MyPhone deciding not to brand it with its logo of the map of the Philippines. Still, I would probably appreciate the aluminum body more if it were in white. Anyway, the black variant is all we have here today.

MyPhone Iceberg Mini Side Buttons

The Iceberg Mini, as you may have guessed from the name, is supposed to be a miniature version of its big brother, the 5.8″ MyPhone Iceberg. However, while most “mini” phones tend to be underpowered compared to the original phones. Not so, with the Iceberg Mini as it packs some awesome specs and software features, many of which are improvements over the original Iceberg.

MyPhone Iceberg Mini Edge

If you’re looking to buy the MyPhone Iceberg Mini as soon as it launches, head over to┬áMarket Market Activity Center from 10am to 10pm during the Yahoo Technostorm event. SRP is Php12,888 and they’re offering it on a 0% 24 month installment plan with participating major credit cards.

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  1. oblong parin -__-“” . hayzzz . maganda sana yan kung parang shape ng iphone at saka may thin bezels.. pero sa price nyan… ewan ko .. kung pang local brands ba .. bili nalang kayu ng Meizu Mx3 or Meizu mx4 mas maganda pa mag kasing mahal lang cla ng MP

  2. Just bought the phone yesterday, the phone seems good but the battery is an epic fail, needs power bank, aside from that, other features are of high end standard.