Bad news for those who already ordered their OnePlus 8 Pro for its x-ray feature.

OnePlus has announced that they will be removing the ‘x-ray vision’ filter in a future over-the-air (OTA) update to prevent consumers from abusing it. That’s only a couple of days after news broke about OnePlus 8 Pro’s strange filter.

The camera filter which can see through clothing and plastic is currently disabled in the company’s Chinese Hydrogen OS. On the other hand, the global Oxygen OS still has it for now.

Photo credit: Ben Genskin

OnePlus has insisted that the “Photochrom” are not meant to see through thick materials, but it apologized anyway for creating “privacy concerns”.

Based on a test by YouTuber Unbox Therapy, OnePlus 8 Pro’s x-ray camera can see through a thin black t-shirt, which is clearly not the norm for smartphones.

Even though OnePlus will officially disable it, there’s a good chance that curious Android developers will try to bring it back again with a workaround.

What do you think? Should OnePlus remove it?

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