The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini apparently will not be the only deviation of the Galaxy S4, Samsung’s latest flagship device. If the recent changelog of the Samsung WatchOn app is to be believed, Korean smartphone giant might be preparing more phones, named S4 Mega and S4 Active, for this year.

First spotted by SamMobile, the Samsung WatchOn has been updated to 5.0.4 and mentions support for upcoming devices that have yet to receive official announcements from Samsung. As of this time however, the Play Store changelog has been modified to remove any mention of the new phone support. With that said, and given that there’s no other evidence pointing to its existence, the Galaxy S4 Mega is probably just a typo. If anything, the phone compatibility is perhaps intended for two upcoming phones under the Galaxy Mega series that was announced in April and expected to arrive this month.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, on the other hand, may turn out to be a real deal. Benchmark results have been spotted in the wild that have been associated with Active, which is rumored to be a “rugged” version of Galaxy S4. Another tip comes from the @evleaks, a source of gadget rumors that usually turn out to be true, which claims that US carrier AT&T is expected to release Active in July. With the great track record of the said source, it’s very likely that it’s true.

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Until we hear official word from Samsung about these S4 variants, we can all but speculate about their existence. The Galaxy S4 Active, along with the Galaxy S4 Mini, is expected to be officially unveiled before this month ends and slated to become available around July.


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