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WARNING: Using this image as wallpaper could possibly soft-brick your smartphone

This is only a screenshot. The real thing is in the tweet below.

If you’ve received this random image from someone, ignore it because it’s could be dangerous.

At first look, there’s really nothing special about the image above. However, well-known leaker Ice Universe tweeted that it can soft-brick phones.

After setting it as the wallpaper, your smartphone smartphone will crash and endlessly turn off and on or it will not boot at all. Some users reported that even turning on the device on Safe Mode is not working.

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Dont’t even think about it. Don’t do it. We’re not responsible for any possible damages it might cause.

People who were able to fix the problem said they had to do a factory reset, but it wiped away all their data with it.

The issue is not present on all devices, but users say that they got it to work on different brands. However, it’s important to note that majority of those who posted on the Twitter thread were using a Samsung smartphone.

Here’s a video from Android Authority’s Bogdan Petrovan.

The exploit it uses to crash the smartphones are still unknown, although it’s possibly an existing vulnerability within the Android operating system.

Sleepy Kuma on Twitter said that he found the cause in a Korean tech community and said that it’s because of a ‘Google Skia’ color profile issue. He says that if people wants to use it as their wallpaper, they have to convert it to sRGB color profile first.

We don’t recommend trying this one especially if you have important files on your phone. If you’re curious and you want to risk it, go ahead and try it. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

We’ll update this post once we get more information.


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  1. This honestly got my attention. I tried it out but used the sRGB-converted version of the image and it caused no issue at all. So yes, it is most probable that the colour profile–especially on Samsung models–is the issue.

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