Using widgets has been quite neglected once you start using full-fledged apps from the Google Play Store.

Widgets were once the differentiating factor of Android from iOS, but that has changed as more manufacturers settled with simple homescreens. Back in the day, simple smartphone tasks like weather updates, note-taking, calendar, to-do lists, and more are often see in the homescreen. Nowadays, it’s mostly a bunch of app icons similar to the iPhone.

Here are some of the best Android widgets that you will surely find useful. They may have app alternatives but we believe that you’ll start using it after you read this post.

Data Counter Widget


Monitoring your data usage manually should be easier by placing the Data Counter widgeton your screen. This is useful especially for those who are using mobile data connectivity to connect to the internet. The stats that appear on the screen is divided into two: Wi-Fi and cellular data reading with download and upload total size.

If you want to make it a bit stylish, you can modify the color, text size, and background by tapping the widget itself. You will also see a detailed breakdown of the apps which chew up most of the data. Most Filipino users are prepaid data users, so you don’t have to worry when will be the next time you have to load up again as you got it monitored.




If you want to track the TV Shows and movies you have watched in the past, SeriesGuide is just the right app for you. You can also recommend this to your friends and relatives if you wanted to plan for the movies you wanted to watch next or a few weeks from now.

Moreover, you don’t have to keep on checking when will your next favorite movie goes on air as it will give push notifications on what channel or streaming app it will be broadcasted. Customizations can be made by long-pressing the app so you can select what movies or series you are anticipating.


Battery Widget Reborn


While the battery status can be easily seen in the upper right corner of your screen or via Google Assistant, the Battery Widget Reborn is helpful to show the health of your battery straight from your screen. A circular pictograph shows the battery percentage by default but you can convert it into a bar chart.

You can increase the size of the widget by dragging its corners. Once you click the widget as it appears on the screen, you can make full customizations without any extra cost.




There may be a plethora of weather-related apps on the Google Play Store but don’t forget that your smartphone has in-store weather widgets that are amazingly useful as well. The good is news that there are developers have rolled out an option where you can choose a design while looking at the temperature, weather, and wind status.

The system offers an esimated chance on when it’s going to rain through the clouds as well as how long the gloomy weather stays up in the sky. Thus, Overdrop is an informative, clear, and elegantly crafted weather widget that stays for free for all Android smartphone users.



Closing a music-streaming app will stop the music that is currently played from your playlist. This usually happens in Spotify where the music stops to play when you accidentally shut off the app from the background. Musicolet is the best widget for your Android smartphone where it controls the queue and playback straight to your home screen.

You can customize it easily by just clicking it once it pops out on your screen. Its transparency can be adjusted so it can run in the background while you continue your usual social media use, etc. However, Musicolet will only access music files that are stored locally on your smartphone so it will not consume any data and use it offline.


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Calendar Widget


The date-tracking service that the Calendar Widget has to offer works similarly to Google Calendar. The stylish and tasteful design can be customized by its font size, color, formatting, etc while it doesn’t cover the whole screen.

All the memos or reminders that you put on each date from the calendar can appear with push notifications. Once you find the right size of the widget, accent of color, and text formatting, you will get used to looking at your screen in checking what date it is without going to the separate calendar app.




For those who are used to write their motivational quotes on a separate notebook or sheet, worry no more as the Quotes widget keeps bible verses, famous statements, and inspirational texts in one place. If you wanted to devise it in advance, you just have to click the widget then copy & paste sentences on the indicated date.

However, if you don’t have time to search for them, the widget offers motivational statements without extra charge. Just make sure to connect your device to the Wi-Fi or the mobile data so it will generate automatically.


Google News


Tough times during national health emergencies and natural calamities require you to keep yourself updated. The Google News widget comes with your device once you log in to your Google Account on the Play Store. You can find clear, clean, and informative news updates, weather forecasts, sports news, and feature lifestyles straight on your screen.

Headlines are updated regularly or as soon as the news gets published online. It spins from time to time but once you see interesting news on the block, you just have to click it so you can read the whole news.


CPU Monitor


With CPU Monitor, you will be getting useful information regarding your battery’s current temperature, CPU status, and memory usage.

It can notify you once the stats spike bad, so you can do something about it. Click the widget to adjust the size and design of the widget as it appears on the home screen.




People who wanted to organize their daily, weekly, or monthly schedule can use the Sectograph widget conveniently. Your calendar will appear like a clock for 24 hours so you can see what’s your upcoming meetings, tasks, and more on a single glance. Most professionals keep this widget active as it’s designed to keep a mental focus for all.


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