Archiving and compressing your files into is very useful especially if you are a heavy Android device user. It comes handy when you transfer a single file to and from your personal computer by making your file into a smaller size and packaged together.

While some file managers support this functionality natively, there are still some of which don’t have this advance feature. The good news is that there is a handful of apps that can be found in the Google Play Store to make the task easier. Here are the best rar, zip, and unzip Android apps perfect for your smartphone.



Known as a free all-in-one app for Android, ZArchiver has been used by many Android users for quite some time. It offers a unique and hassle-free user interface as it has easy-to-use control system and it supports a plethora of file archiving options.

You can implement file encryption, split folder archive, and password protection. Once you download the app, you can start compressing the files by selecting it manually from your device. Make sure to give permissions it so it can work smoothly.




Originally made for desktop users, WinZip works best for media files with big sizes. This is the most common archiving application that is used in every desktop computer with Windows operating software, so it is not entirely new app made just for smartphone users.

Furthermore, it supports Google Drive and Dropbox so you don’t have to worry about manually connecting your smartphone on your computer via cable. Just make sure to have a stable internet connection so there will be no interruption during the file transfer process.




Made by RARLAB, using RAR for your Android device can support all types of files both huge and small. The common options of adding password protection and encryption are made easier for all users. Needless to say, it’s a powerful smartphone software for file compression.

Do note that it works slowly for bigger file sizes and faster for smaller ones. Fortunately, it can run smoothly in the background while you do your regular stuff in your smartphone. It can also run commands to repair archived files that are damaged, so you can still try to recover it.


MiXplorer Silver


Made for beginners who don’t know much about file transfers and archiving, the MiXplorer Silver is your next best choice for zip, unzip, rar, and unrar tasks. It has a handful of archiving and unarchiving features with a different process compared to other apps on our list.

You can browse and select files from your device easily by just typing it on the search bar that will pop out once you open the app. The expanded functionalities includes larger file sizes for an additional $1.99.


B1 Archiver


As one of the most popular unzipping and zipping tool for files, B1 Archiver supports rar and zip with a total of 37 file formats. You can also use the app for b1 and multipart RAR archives if you will be needing it sooner for audiovisual files.

Currently, it has a million users so its developers ensure that bugs are fixed regularly. You just have to update the app regularly to ensure that you are safe from security issues.


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