Despite delay from a 2019 reality, a big internet deal between the Philippine government and the giant tech company Facebook is pushing forward, subsequently giving way for a great business opportunity among minor ISPs and access to fast internet among government agencies.

According to DICT Undersecretary, Eliseo Rio, Jr., the previously agreed upon venture with tech giants Facebook and Google will see the Philippines in connection by either August or September 2020.

If the Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN), a 12,800-km underwater cable system, indeed pushed through, it will see the prices of internet connection in the country significantly reduced as an effect. 

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Internet Speed in the Philippines

With small players in the telecomm industry as one of its main benefactors, this means that these units are going to get more resources at an affordable cost in order to render their services to consumers better and at a lower rate.

Aside from commerce, another major benefactor of the plan, should it kick in, would be the government itself that will see its offices, down to the barangay level, connected to the internet. However, with the exception of far-flung and hinterland areas which are beyond the scope of the internet service.

The benefit draws from the agreement between the Philippine government and Facebook to allocate a no less than two terabits per second (Tbps) free internet capacity yearly. In exchange, the government will allow Facebook to tap on the country’s Luzon Bypass Infrastructure that itself costs Php975 million.

Source: Inquirer

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