PlayStation CEO, Jim Ryan, has recently spoke his mind regarding whether or not PlayStation 5 games should also get equivalent PlayStation 4 releases and claims that he is “not interested” in seeing that happening.

According to the Ryan, the developers who are working on next-generation titles ought to be taking advantage of the PS5’s advanced capabilities. Likely, highlighting certain unique features not seen in Sony’s current-gen gaming console.

In a conversation with GamesIndustry, the PlayStation big boss talked about not agreeing in the idea of going through the trouble of creating an altogether new hardware, only to consider the limitations of the previous.

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The PlayStation 5 is indeed expected to come with revolutionary features upon its release. With features such as an interactive DualSense controller and an SSD capable of 100x faster performance than the PS4, being what are known to date. 

There is no doubt that the PlayStation 5 is going to be vastly superior than the current-generation console it is meant to succeed and eventually replace.

To put it in other terms, it seems Jim Ryan is more focused towards the idea of taking full advantage of the PlayStation 5’s features instead of giving developers the unneeded burden of having to consider cross-generation support.

Via: IGN

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