Xiaomi and the now independent brand, Redmi, are some of the top manufacturers of smartphones, particularly 4G-capable ones in its native country of China and worldwide.

But with the dawn of 5G, Xiaomi appears to keen in stepping away from developing further 4G smartphones to not just China, but also the global market, beginning 2021. After this year ends, Xiaomi and Redmi will only produce 5G-enabled devices.

The statement came from the the company’s CEO himself after an interview with Xinhua that coincides the belief that the giant Chinese brand has started pre-research on next generation wireless technology 6G as well as satellite internet and more.


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According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO and co-founder, 5G is a groundbreaking technology that will reshape the industry, involving 4K/8K video conferencing, game streaming via cloud, and auto-pilot. It is in this belief that both Xiaomi and the Redmi sub-brand are going to make a laser-focus attention to 5G.

In addition, it seems that the company is also keen paying extra care to Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and mobile devices, as per last years announcement. Furthermore, the company will also see involvement in the creation of disaster warning systems and other systems that rely on 5G technology.

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