Owning an air fryer is the latest trend on growing millenials (including us) today. It’s so popular that local brand Cherry Mobile has entered the smart kitchen market.

The Cherry Digital Air Fryer is part of the company’s Cherry Home line of products. As you know, air fryers are a great cooking alternative for the health-conscious. Since it doesn’t use oil, it can reduce fat and oil intake by up to 80%.


It also benefits people who are always on the go. It drastically reduces cooking time and has 7 cooking presets that you can set on the easy touch digital panel. Just like a regular air fryer, it has a 360-degree hot air circulation, bottom heat flow technology, and an easy to wash, non-stick food basket.

The Cherry Digital Air Fryer has a 4.5L capacity and a price of Php3,990.


Those who want to be extra careful during the new normal can get the Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer. Besides drying your clothes using 360-degree heat circulation, this machine also emits 5 million healthy ions that can help kill viruses, germs, and dust. Think of it as the popular Cherry Ion, but for your clothes.

For extra safety, it has overheating protection and fireproof nylon material. It also has double layer storage with a robust steel frame and remote control for easy operation.


You can get the Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer for a retail price of Php3,500. You can get it on Cherry’s own e-store website,

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