Swedish company IKEA, which is known globally for selling ready-to-assemble furniture, is recalling a defective espresso maker product, which is said to have a chance of bursting when used. The company is offering consumers a complete refund, even without the need to present proof of purchase.

Via the Department of Trade Industry (DTI)’s official website, IKEA posted an advisory asking for the return of the Metallisk espresso maker, which comes with a batch code between 2040 and 2204, safety being a primary concern.

The enterprise, which also produces home appliances, was able to identify the cause of the “bursting” issue, citing the blockage of the water that was supposed to travel through the coffee ground into the upper container.

So far, since 2021, there had been 13 cases of bursting, reportedly coming from the countries of the Netherlands, Finland, Poland, France, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Romania, and South Korea. But only four from across Canada, Poland, and France, suffered an injury because of the bursting incidences.

IKEA has been actively looking into the issue since only January of this year.

Source: Inquirer

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