IKEA understands that a happy home is safe and, in all likelihood, free from the potentially damaging presence of water. For these reasons, the company has come up with not just two, but three unique products that seek to uphold those beliefs.

First on the list is the Parasoll door and window sensor. When placed on a door or window (or any other access point), this sensor detects any opening or closing and will notify the user of any such activity. Aside from the purpose of security, the sensor can also complement the home’s other smart devices, such as the IKEA smart bulb.

Walking in a dark room can be sometimes an invitation to a disaster. To offset this problem, IKEA is also launching the Vallhorn wireless motion sensor. Essentially, it works by automatically turning on the light when detecting a movement within its range. In addition, the sensor also allows for the changing of color as well as the intensity of light.

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Lastly, there is the Barding water leakage water sensor, which makes for a perfect tool for any household in a flood-prone area. Upon detecting the presence of rogue water in its scope, it notifies the homeowner via mobile notification or triggers an alarm.

Designed to be both small and white, the sensors easily adapt to most environment, though will contrast any more vibrant colors in the background.

All sensors, except for Vallhorn, work well IKEA’s Dirigera Hub. Vallhorn, meanwhile, is compatible with the older Tradfri gateway.

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