Do smart plugs really help consumers in saving electricity? Let’s find out.

What is a smart plug?

Smart plugs are small, pocket-sized devices that allow you to turn appliances on and off remotely. They are sometimes called “smart switches” because they can also be controlled using a smartphone app, regardless if the user is on Android or iOS. In terms of compatibility, these small devices are designed to work with any standard electrical outlet.

What can smart plugs do?

Depending on the brand, an app can help automatically turn off appliances like electric fans, air conditioners, speakers, and televisions in case you want to shut them down when you’re going out. Some will also show you the cost of running those appliances at different times of the day.

Smart plugs are also an easy way to automate your home. You can program them to switch on at certain times, or to switch off whenever you want and wherever you are. Some even have a scheduler function that will turn off after a set amount of time.


Smart plug power usage

Smart plugs only use a small amount of energy. Most devices use around 0.5 watts while in standby mode. If you have a smart plug connected to a device that needs constant power, it will consume more electricity. A smart plug constantly connected to a WiFi router might use anywhere from 1 to 2 watts at its highest point. Compared to other appliances, its energy is almost negligible.

Smart plug issues

One of the potential issues you may encounter in picking a smart plug is its reliability and safety. That’s a valid concern, as it might be a potential hazard in your home if you don’t choose a good one. To have the best possible experience, make sure to purchase smart plugs from a reliable brand like TP-Link and Ring. You may also opt for other branded smart plugs provided you do appropriate research and read customer reviews.

Another issue is the possibility of being hacked. In the early days, it was common to see smart plugs vulnerable to hacking attempts. Nowadays, it’s less of a concern as manufacturers improved their processes and security. Again, if you want better reliability, it’s best to stick with known and trustworthy brands instead of knock-offs.

Can smart plugs help you save money?

You may already know that leaving electronics on standby costs money. But did you know that it also costs money to keep them on? If you leave your TV, gaming console, and other gadgets on standby for long periods of time, they will consume energy while you aren’t using them. And once you get your electric bill, you’ll see that you’re paying for that energy usage even when you’re not using any of those appliances. So, why not switch them off completely? That way, you won’t be wasting energy and money.

Smart devices like smart plugs aren’t just about saving electricity, but also about convenience. You can program them to turn on when you get home, when you leave for work, or even when you go to bed. Smart plugs will save you money on your electric bill because they can automatically shut off appliances that aren’t being used. They can also help you conserve energy during peak usage periods like late at night or early in the morning when you no longer need certain appliances to run.

According to a study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Lab and CLEAResults, they found that using smart plugs saved between 1 and 4.5% of energy usage or around 500 to 1,000-kilowatt per year. That’s enough energy to last a household about a month.

What do you think of smart plugs? Do you use one? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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