It took more than three years, but a new microSD card has broken the record of having the highest storage capacity in the world. It’s the Micron i400 with a whopping 1.5TB of storage.

That’s 50 percent more than that of the previous record holders, the SanDisk and Micron 1TB microSD cards that were revealed at MWC 2019. Micron managed to accomplish this feat by using its 176-layer 3D NAND technology.

Micron says the i400 is suited for video security environments. The card is capable of storing five years’ worth of high-quality, nonstop recording, as well as handling 4K video recording while simultaneously processing up to eight AI events (e.g., object detection and facial recognition) every second.

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The i400 is also built to last, with a mean time between failures estimated at two million hours.

Micron hasn’t revealed commercial availability and pricing of the i400. Back in 2019, the 1TB Sandisk microSD card sold for USD449.99.

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