Thanks to the MERALCO mobile app, you can now manage your electric account any time, anywhere, right in the tip of your fingers.

So today, we’ll be helping you set up your MERALCO mobile app. Here we will answer all your questions about it, help you set up your account, and other related topics related to the use of this app. Let’s start!

Will the MERALCO app work on my phone?

The Meralco app works on pretty much all Android smartphones with Android 6.0 Marshmallow version and up. In its Google Play Store page, it shows that the app is compatible with all Android devices that are registered in our Google account. These are the smartphones that we’ve reviewed before — from Cherry Mobile devices, OPPO, Vivo, and Realme.

LR: Andoid, iOS

The app also works on iPhones and iPads with iOS 10.3 versions and up. That includes devices as old as the iPhone 5s, iPad mini, and the original iPad Air.

Where can I download the Meralco app?

If your smartphone is included in the aforementioned list of compatible devices, then you can download the app right within your device’s app store.

LR: Google Play Store, App Store

Android users can download the app officially on the Google Play Store, while iPhone and iPad users can download it directly from the Apple App Store.

The Meralco app size for Android is 20.12MB and 32.2MB for iOS.

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How to setup and enroll MERALCO account

Step 1: Download the app in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 2: Open the app. Tap ‘Register’.


Step 3: Have your latest electric bill ready and locate the service ID number, bill date, and total KWH. We’ll be needing those information in step 4.


Step 4: Going back to the app, type your personal details such as email address, name, and contact number. Check the “I already have a Meralco bill” option and type the service ID number, bill date, and total KWH. Once done, tap Register on the top left.


Step 5: A confirmation email will be sent on your email address. Open the email and tap the hyperlinked “here”.


Step 6: Your email address is now confirmed and will be redirected to a page that will ask you to set a password.


Step 7: The setup processes is complete. After typing your password, you should be redirected to the Meralco app. If not, simply close all your apps, reopen the Meralco app, log in your email and password, and you’re now free to use the app.


Can I see and pay my Meralco bill online using the app?

Yes. In fact, this is the biggest feature of the Meralco mobile app. Upon signing in, your current bill/balance is displayed in the ‘Overview’ screen.


The displayed amount is your total balance. To see your unpaid bills from previous months, you can click the bright orange Pay Now button.


Once you’re in, you can see your unpaid bills. You can tap each billing date to see more details about them, respectively. We have a more detailed tutorial for paying the Meralco bill using the app for you to check out.

Can I see my power usage on the MERALCO smartphone app?

Yes. In the Overview page, you can see a power consumption graph of the last seven months. You won’t be able to compute your Meralco bill in real time, but it gives you information of your historical usage.


For a more detailed look, you can click the hamburger menu icon on the top left (the one with three lines). Once the side menu is out, tap the Consumption Report, and rotate the screen in landscape. You can tap each graph to see the total KWH usage for that month.

Well, basically that’s it. If you have further questions about the Meralco app, you can ask away in the comment section below.

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