The onset of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has deeply affected the way the world normally works. As public venues and businesses closed, many are forced into their homes. Workers that are deemed “inessential” were also driven to be temporarily out of work, leaving a multitude of individuals worried where money for expenses should come from.

Despite the notion, MERALCO appears keen on getting back the cost of its business and potential profit. For this reason, the private electric company is still going to charge its consumers their monthly dues for the months of April and May 2020. 

How will MERALCO compute the electricity bill?

With the meter reading system put to a halt amidst the lockdown for security purposes, many are wondering as to how Meralco is going to charge the consumers. The answer, as it seems, is simple—it will not be using the meter. Instead, it will derive the computation commensurate on the average of the previous three months


It means that, for households with established monthly dues for the months of December 2019 through February this year, they could expect an electricity bill that reflects the average of all those three (3) months for March. 

While the said computation might seem MERALCO be charging at a loss, the said method is only temporary and will be subject to adjustments once the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) is lifted.

Once the reading meter is restored, MERALCO will then process to charge every household of their electric bill based on the computed difference between the actual energy consumption and their estimated energy consumption. Normally, MERALCO’s electricity bill can’t be easily computed, but the lockdown forced them to create a system that predicts the possible usage rate.

MERALCO electric bill sample computation


Mandatory rather than optional, MERALCO is stern in charging people their fee for their monthly dues despite the hard times. Those who fail to make payment on time will have a grace period of 30-calendar days before MERALCO will do the disconnection.

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Easy MERALCO bill payment online

Paying the electric bill might be difficult in these trying times. Nevertheless, MERALCO has laid out a few options where people can pay for their dues with ease—as a caveat, these choices are limited only to those who have a verified account in a specific digital payment platforms, debit card, or credit card. 


#1 Via MERALCO mobile app

Meralco has a dedicated mobile app it calls “Meralco Mobile App” that is available in either iOS or Android.

#2 PayMaya and GCash

Being at the forefront of digital payments in the Philippines, PayMaya and GCash users can opt to pay their monthly dues via the app. To do so, just go to “pay bills” and choose “MERALCO.”

#3 MERALCO Business Centers

Consumers may choose to enroll for Meralco’s Automated Payment Arrangement (APA) via any of its many business centers. 

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