Like air fryers, portable blenders have been one of the hottest appliances in the last few years.

Compared to traditional and bulky ones, portable blenders are much easier and less intimidating to use. Thanks to their size, they are convenient to operate, easy to clean, and more importantly, they are portable enough to take to the gym, work, or everywhere else.

In fact, they are so compact that you can drink right from them. All of that without compromising usability. Like regular blenders, you can use them to make healthy smoothies, shakes, and even margaritas or frappes on your cheat day.


As a bonus, you can also use them as food processors to easily chop select ingredients.

Like air fryers, there are tons of portable blenders available out there. Here we’ve listed some of the best you can get here in the Philippines to narrow down your choices.

NutriHero Portable Blender 2.0


The NutriHero Portable Blender 2.0 is a portable, robust, and affordable blender. It has a 400ML capacity that you can drink directly from, a 4,000mAh battery for longevity, and USB Type-C port for charging.

It comes with sharp blades for easy blending. It is also water-resistant so you can clean it worry-free. Plus, a safety function where the blades won’t spin unless you screw the glass securely.

This NutriHero Portable Blender has an SRP of Php2,790 but is currently discounted at half off for Php1,395 at the company’s official website.

Blendshake Max


With 90 5-star ratings on Shopee, the Blendshake Max is a nice alternative if you want something bigger. It has a 500ml capacity with blades spinning at 18,000 RPM. You can also do 15+ blends on a full charge. Speaking of which, charging is done via the water-resistant USB Type-C port.

The Blendshake Max is currently available on Shopee for Php1,885.

CBB.AZ Rechargeable Electric Fruit Juicer Portable


If you’re really on a tight budget, you can try one of those generic brands from Shopee. This one is from a store named CBB.AZ and it’s currently available for a price of only Php179. It has around 3,300 5-stars versus 136 1-star ratings.

It should still be powerful enough to blend fruits and others, but don’t expect too much from the build quality. It’s made of ABS plastic, small 2,200mAh battery, and spins at 15,000 RPM.

Gaabor GF-M40A Portable Juicer


If you want something smaller and looks a little unique, check out the Gaabor GF-M40A Portable Juicer. With its 300ML capacity, it’s one of the smallest, which means it’s also easier to carry.

You can charge it via the modern USB Type-C port and can last for up to 10 blends. It’s currently discounted to Php499 on the brand’s official Shopee page.

Dowell BLR-01 Portable Electric Blender


Here’s something from a more known brand. Dowell is known for its electric fans, air fryers, and other appliances. They also make the BLR-01, a portable blender.

With a discounted price of Php997 on Lazada, this one has a 400ml capacity, a robust-looking design, stainless blades, and features magnetic charging.

Oster Mini Cordless Blender


If you want something fancier and look like a regular tumbler, there’s the Oster Mini Cordless Blender, which is available in Lazada for Php2,590 — one of the most expensive on this list.

It has one-touch controls, quick charging of 2.5 hours that can already provide 10 blends, USB charging, nonslip sleeve and feet, and a magnetic safety design so the blades don’t run unless the lid is on.

Those are some of our top picks for portable blenders here in the Philippines. Did we miss anything? Do you have any suggestions that we shall add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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