Make your kitchen smarter with the new Xiaomi Mi Smart Steam Oven 30L, which just made its way to the Philippines.

As the name suggests, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Steam Oven 30L is more than just a regular electric oven. It features a Pure Steaming Mode that uses 1200W of high power. A regular Steaming Mode is also present that partners with the Grilling Mode so your food is crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside.


With this device, you don’t need a dedicated air fryer as it comes with a special mode for that. It has a strong air circulation that can make your food crispy without oil.

Other cooking modes include Slow Cooked, Fermented, and Dehydrated.


The Mi Smart Steam Oven also has Water Filter Cartridge that’s easily replaceable. There’s also a bottom pull-out water tank with a 1.2L capacity so you can easily refill it to avoid temperature fluctuations.

As for the smart features, this machine can be paired and controlled with your phone using the Mi Home app, available on Android and iOS devices. There’s also a sleek OLED knob control on the top that lets you easily adjust the cooking time and temperature. It can also show a prompt if the water needs replacing.


Five cleaning modes are also present: Oven Cavity Cleaning, Machine Cleaning, Scale Cleaning, Pipeline Cleaning, and Deep Cleaning.

As for the build, the door panel has three layers: low-emissivity glass, and two insulation glass.


The Xiaomi Mi Smart Steam Oven 30L is now available in the Philippines for a price of Php14,645. You can get it at mistoreph.com

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  1. are the instuctions in english . ??
    if it has a chinese display how can you use it.??