There are tons of content available for consumption today. So much so that it’s not enough to stream them on a small screen of a smartphone. With that, you might want to upgrade your experience and get an Android TV. If you’re in, then you might want to check out our XTREME X-Series Smart TV review.

The XTREME X-Series 43-inch TV ticks all the right boxes, at least on paper. It has an affordable price of Php19,990 (discounted to Php12,990), a robust Android TV OS, and so much more. But is it really good? We find out in our full review.

Design and Build Quality

Like most budget TVs, design isn’t the main focus on the XTREME X-series 43-inch TV. But that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. This thing is made of plastic, which puts it on an advantage as it feels really light and easy to wall-mount if you want to.


Speaking of which, the TV comes with a free wall bracket within the box, so you can easily put it on a wall for a cleaner look.

Alternatively, you can install the included stand, which looks really sleek but make sure you have a large table as the stands are placed on each side. It only takes two screws to install each of them and helps the TV stand firmly, with no wobbling.


The bezels are not the thinnest but not too thick to be distracting. It’s also enough to put the XTREME logo on the chin of the TV. Below the bottom bezels are the LED indicator that turns red on standby and the single button below it.

Display and Sound Quality

The XTREME X-Series TV uses a pretty standard LCD panel with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It’s not the best-looking panel around, but it’s decent enough to be enjoyable.


Compared to higher-end TVs, the refresh rate is a little low. It may not be the smoothest, but you can get used to it. Overall, it offers a decent experience.

As for sound, this X-series 43-inch TV has two bottom-firing speakers. Like its display, the quality is okay for the price, but not stellar. The sound feels a little muffled and lacks clarity. On the upside, there are a couple of adjustable settings you can play with that can slightly improve the sound.

For a better experience, you can get an affordable soundbar like the Sembrandt SB750.


The XTREME X-Series 43-inch TV has a slim but noticeably chunky remote powered by two AA batteries. It pairs with your TV via Bluetooth, so you don’t always have to point the thing on the screen.


Like most TVs, the button layout is pretty minimalistic, which means that it doesn’t have a number pad. The most notable buttons are the Google Assistant toggle that summons the voice assistant, which you can speak to via the microphone on the remote.

There are also dedicated buttons for Netflix and YouTube, a Smart button for quick access to Music, FastCast, Sleep Timer, World Clock, and Night Mode.

Software Features

The XTREME X-Series 43-inch TV is a Google Android TV certified TV that runs on Android 9 Pie. This gives you access to many streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and Disney Plus if it finally makes it to the Philippines.


You can also add it to your Google ecosystem of products, so you can control it by voice using your phone, Google Home mini, or any other smart speaker and Android devices.

Chromecast is also built-in. Plus, screen-mirroring features if you need it.


What we really like is how smooth the interface is. The X-series 43-inch has a powerful enough processor to browse the interface fast when looking for the next movie or series to watch.

This TV has 1.5GB of RAM and 8GB of storage for all your apps and other media.

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Input and Connectivity

The XTREME X-Series 43-inch TV has 3x HDMI ports, a 3.5mm AV port with an adapter included in the box, optical audio in, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for audio. However, no ARC. You can’t also adjust the volume of the external speakers using the TV remote. You have to do it manually. It also works fine with consoles, PC, and other external devices.


In addition, this 43-inch TV has Bluetooth connectivity for wireless speakers, keyboards, and other accessories. Single-band WiFi is also on board. But if you want a more reliable connection, there’s an RJ45 port for ethernet cables.


Honestly, the only important thing about a budget TV is the features, size, and of course, price — all of which this XTREME Smart TV nailed.


It runs on Android TV OS, one of the best you can get on the market. The 43-inch size is the sweet spot to fill most rooms, and the competitive price makes everything more appealing.

Speaking of which, the XTREME X-Series Smart TV has an SRP of Php12,990 from its original price of Php19,990. It’s available on XTREME’s official website, Lazada, Shopee, and other physical appliance stores nationwide.


  • Smooth UI
  • Robust Android TV OS for streaming apps and more
  • Works fine with PC, consoles, and others
  • Feature-packed remote with Google Assistant
  • Competitive price tag.


  • Poor sound clarity
  • Average color quality and refresh rate

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