If you’re a creative, you’re 100% familiar with Adobe’s creative apps. But to reach a broader audience, Adobe released the Photoshop Camera app for iOS and Android users.

Think of it as Instagram or Snapchat face filters, but way more advanced. The designs on the Adobe Photoshop Camera add creative filters on your selfies in real-time, minus the skills, like they went through the treatment of a Photoshop expert.

You can pick between different, as what Adobe calls it, “insta-worthy lenses and camera effects”, which you can apply before or after the shot is taken.

Being a top creative company, the Photoshop Camera features effects and lenses from top artists and influencers. Even popular artist as big as Billie Eilish is on board.


Partnered with Adobe’s creative expertise and AI technology, it knows what the photo subject is and applies the right effects and adjustments whether it’s a selfie, food, scenery, and more.

The wide array of different filter styles and artworks are really fun to play with all by itself, weather you post it on social media or not.


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The Adobe Photoshop Camera is now available for download for free on iOS and select Android devices.

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