A consolidated data from both Statista and SensorTower claims that Apple has managed to reap a record-high $22.2 billion of gaming revenue through apps in the App Store throughout the first half of 2020.

The sales indicate a 23% increase on the same period from last year’s $18.1 billion revenue for H1 2019.

Majority of the sales were recorded to have taken place within the months of April until June which saw an income stream of $11.6 billion; whereas the App Store only seeing $7.7 billion on the same period.


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Further comparison between the Apple and Google sees the former earning 52% more income than the latter in the mobile space alone. This is in spite of Google outpacing Apple in terms of overall number of download of apps during H1 2020.

The case highlights the people’s increased demand for home entertainment in light of the pandemic that locked people in their homes.

As per SensorTower, the top earning apps for the App Store were PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings, which, individually, earned a revenue of over $1 billion.

Via: GSMArena 

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