If you’re dumping your iOS devices for ones powered by Android, you might encounter one annoying problem: disappearing texts sent by friends still using iDevices. The bug has been known for some time already, and yet Apple remains negligent on providing a fix. It’s no wonder a former iPhone owner is now suing the company.

The problem revolves around iMessage–Apple’s IM app a la WeChat and Facebook Messenger. If one of your iMessage contacts sends you a message, such message never arrives in your Android device’s inbox. Instead, it gets stuck in your now-abandoned iMessage account. Worse, the sender is given the impression that their communication has been sent successfully.

Available solutions to fix the problem include deactivating your iMessage account in your old iPhone before swapping the SIM card to your new Android handset. Your iPhone friends may also delete your current contact information in their address book and then add it back so as to de-associate your profile from iMessage.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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