Well, you probably tried the ever-lovable Angry Birds game don’t you? Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, brings a sequel called as “Bad Piggies”. I guess you already know what this means? The pigs will be the main character of the game which lets people to play as the “second most loved character of the game”, said Mikael Hed – Rovio’s CEO.


The Bad Piggies achieved its fame through the help of their Bird enemies. They are being crushed and bombed by different things in order for the birds to find their golden eggs. Now, the tides had turned. The Bad Piggies will take the stage as the heroes and Rovio also stated that the gameplay will not be the same as Angry Birds. Instead, it will have an all new mechanics which they claim to be a never before seen style.

It’s official, the slingshot gaming is out in Rovio. I’m pretty excited on how this game would turn out and I’m expecting it to be super enjoyable just like its predecessor. Whatever gaming style this may come up with, it is still unknown until its official launch on September 27.

Bad Piggies will be available for download on Android, iOS, and Mac on the date stated above. The Windows 8, Windows phone and PC versions will follow shortly.

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