If you’re looking for an effective battery-saving app but don’t want to root your Android device, popular utility app Greenify now works without requiring root access.

Greenify does its magic by putting other apps into hibernation or sleep mode, so that they don’t run in the background and consequently drain power. Such feat is usually impossible without raising certain restrictions via rooting. But in its latest version, Greenify can now be used on non-rooted phones, albeit with a catch: instead of automatic hibernation, non-rooted users must perform it manually. It’s not as convenient, but this manual operation is as simple as invoking a homescreen shortcut for hibernating apps you choose.

Note that Android 4.3 introduces similar battery-saving features found in apps like Greenify, making them rather obsolete on new devices. But if you insist on giving Greenify a shot, head to the download link below.

[Source/Download Link: Play Store]

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