Starting today, filing for the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance is now possible online. The transition to an online application scheme is intended as an effort to eliminate queues and simplify processes, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The NBI clearance online application can be found at, which requires applicants to fill out details in five sections: clearance registration, application information, contact details, family background, and other information. Once submitted, applicants simply have to proceed to any of the 55 NBI sites across the country to pay their dues, proceed to biometric enrollment, and retrieve the clearance.

The online scheme is a follow-up to the previous revamp of the NBI system, which sought out a faster and more reliable platform for efficient processing. According to NBI director Virgilio L. Mendez, significant progress is expected “in the coming weeks with the delivery of additional equipment and increase in personnel.” Acceptance/adaptation of technology by the government can also be observed in other fields. For one, we now have more freedom in using gadgets on flights.

Before the implementation of the new system (eClearance), applicants had to do the traditional lining up and filling out a form. Applications were inefficiently and slowly encoded. Every filing of clearance was considered a new application instead of a simpler renewal. Applicants could also only hope that the NBI office had very few others requesting for a clearance. It was such a hassle.

The complete list of the 55 sites and more information about the NBI can be found at their official website at


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  1. Hellow,good afternoon po..pahelp nman po kung pano po makakuha ng NBI through online..thank u po..?

  2. hi po pwede po mag paonline ng nbi pls respond urgent po kc to tnx po dalawa po kmi magkapatid

  3. such a useless system. For those who are planning to get their NBI clearance here in Cebu,, if you use the online application form..please do not use comma and use only one ID number…why?

    just recently got mine and was pissed off..comma is not allowed on your address? oh crap!!! they I have no choice but to pay them 25 pesos just to change it..

    imagine 25 pesos for 100 applicants? that’s a big amount of money ha!!!..