When we speak of video games, our parents might think of mindless games which are rife with non-sense and violence but which we are suckered for.

While a good portion of games in the market may fit that notion just fine, the idea that all games, in general, are stupid is simply not true. There are actually some good games out there which might be making us smart than dumb us down.

If you are in for a game that challenges your wits and keeps you on your toes as you play, here are seven of the best mind-challenging games you could play on mobile—iOS or Android—right now.

Left vs. Right

You might have a good idea about human anatomy to know that our brains are split between two hemispheres—left and right—and that each part corresponds uniquely to certain functions. You may be a right-hand yourself like majority of the people are—and thus being a more left brain-centered person—or a lefty as influenced by a right brain centricity. But with this game aptly called “Left vs. Right,” you have no choice but to be balanced between the two as an ambidextrous.

Spanning 49 games as divided into six categories, Left vs. Right challenges your whole brain with an eclectic mix of thought-provoking games involving memorization, recognizing patterns, swift mind, and body coordination, and forming logical reasons.

While the game is playable as a free version, premium subscribers are not as restricted with the amount of contents they could access per day.

Brain School

Are you once the leader of the class who tops all exams and quizzes and would like to reminisce good memories with a game inspired after academic knowledge? Or are you the late-blooming type who has something to prove to himself in the academic field but has no other way to prove it

Whatever your reason is for wanting to look back on academics, Brain School has plenty of mind-boggling puzzles, tricky math questions, and imposing logic problems that will remind you of those times in the class.

Basically mimicking the classroom with its school motif, Brain School tests you through its four degrees of difficulty and even grades you according to your performance. Each year consists of five levels which you must go through in order to advance into the higher difficulties which themselves are comprised of 5 levels each. Do your best and you might get an “A+,” but do your worst and you will get an “F.”


Unlike other games which introduce you to a pre-determined set of challenges which gets easier with every repeat, Peak is a game that offers a real challenge by always giving you something new to think about and solve, testing your brainpower in the process.

One day, you might be squeezing your brain trying to recall a certain pattern or order, then you might be arranging letters for word on the next. There never is a similar experience for something that generates random challenges as Peak.

With over 35 unique games to tackle, this game will surely take your time for a while and even develop you unwittingly as a result.


There are not too many games that are designed to tailor-made your unique traits. As games are typically a kind of project which considers the majority of gamers as its audience, the idea of playing a game made especially for you may seem outlandish. But not with Lumosity which measures your mental capability beforehand before coming up with a set of games that test the few significant aspects of your thinking prowess.

With around 40 games to play with—all of which designed to stimulate the brain—getting bored is the least of your worries when you choose to play Lumosity.

Dabble in this game long enough and you might come to a realization of your mental strengths by looking into the statistics generated based on your level of performance, even if you were not aware of it beforehand.

With just the free version, Lumosity is already a great app. But there is undeniably a benefit to being a premium subscriber as you get introduced to more features that are significantly absent in the unpaid version.

Brain Dots

Employing not just the concept of physics but also of geometry as well and the freedom to form figures at whim, Brain Dots is a magical way of mustering the power of science the way we conventionally know how. The concept of Brain Dots, however, is relatively straightforward and simple—you only need to make two circular dots meet given a structure of obstacles that hinder that goal.

Things start off relatively easy enough so as to give players a basic idea of how the game should play such as placing two roll-able “dots” close to each other without anything in between. But things can get more complicated in later stages when the game tests your wits about proper geometry in relation to physics, including obstructions.

Although the game is indeed free which everyone can download and try for themselves, the game also features in-app purchases which give players more contents to experience.

A Clockwork Brain Training

Giving your brain a needed exercise has never been as fun as one which comes from a franchise known for challenging the brain for amusement—A Clockwork Brain Training.

Like any game of its kind, the “A Clockwork Brain Training” tries out the many aspects of the brain based on problems that either induce efficient recollection of things, accurate pattern recognition, and swift dexterity as imposed by quick-thinking.

Although itself inherently a game, the added “gamified elements” make “A Clockwork Brain Training” a more engaging experience as players are rewarded with tokens they could earn.

Tricky Test 2

If you like trick questions that really tickles your thought—or sometimes not as the answers are already too obvious—Tricky Test 2 is a game that offers unique excitement to notions we thought we already know, but sometimes not.

But as a game that involves progression and where speed matters, the faster you go through the questions, the less impact your mistakes will affect you. Considering you only have five lives in-game, you may want to commit fewer errors as possible or even not at all.

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