After some failed and unofficial attempts to bring the popular Nintendo 3DS emulator to Android, Citra is now officially a running application on the mobile space thanks to the collaborative effort between the developers of the mentioned original, informal ports.

Officially recognized by Google itself, the Citra 3DS emulator is available at Google Play Store for FREE.


There had been attempts to make 3DS games playable on an Android phone before. The first one was a failure that barely runs a 3DS game while the second one—dubbed the “MMJ” port—offers a more decent performance, much to be preferred over the previous. 

However, both of these efforts to bring the 3DS on Android are nothing but obsolete now with the introduction of the official Citra port.

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Unlike previous ports that either barely operates or runs only decently, the official Citra app offers not only good performance but also comes packed full of features, reminiscent of the actual 3DS console—it has motion controls, camera support, amiibo support, gamepad support, and a microphone.

As per the team behind the official port, it will take a device with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or better, a good GPU, a Google 8.0 Oreo, and a system that supports OpenGL ES 3.2 to run Citra on Android smoothly. So, when checking out the emulator, make sure to keep those minimum system requirements in mind.

As of writing, Android devices such as OnePlus 8 Pro and OPPO Find X2 Pro were confirmed to work “extremely well” with Citra.

Source: @citraemu on Twitter

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