It’s hard to watch a movie when you have a tight schedule to follow or when you’re always on the road. It’s even harder to see one when you’re running low on cash since cinema tickets today are quite costly.

There are tons of movies, both locally and internationally, that are just waiting to be watched. Lucky for you, there’s something new that’s coming to satisfy your need for motion picture.

MovieClub, a digital video-on-demand platform, streams local and foreign content for FREE. There is no need for to spend anything because this one has no subscription, rentals or downloading involved. The app focuses on the ever-changing society where everyone has smartphones and tablets, especially the Philippines which is becoming a mobile-first country.

MovieClub app aims to open doors for the local content industry, promoting and protecting their works. Soon, it might also serve as a vault for Filipino content in the movie industry. Classics, studio libraries, film festivals, local and foreign award-winning films and independent films will all be included in here.

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Because of this, the possibility of having a more sustainable local ecosystem for the movie industry is getting bigger. It will give it the space to grow, learn and adapt to the present ways of the filmmaking. Aside from this, the original works of Filipino filmmakers will reach a bigger audience through its accessibility.

MovieClub plans to expand its library by adding more films, shows music videos, news and sports-related videos, all of which are legal and licensed by their rightful owners.

For now, the MovieClub app is only available for Android devices with iOS and Web versions still being worked on. Simply download the app which is available for free at Google Play Store.

Once you’re done with the download, you can register by using your email address or by using your Facebook account. When you’re finished with the registration, log-in and watch whatever it is that is available in the library. Of course, a good data or Wi-Fi connection will allow a smoother viewing for users.

So what else are you waiting for? Download the app, stream the movies that you’d like to see and enjoy. 

Visit the Facebook page of MovieClub PH to know more about the updates and additions to the library.

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