If you’ve been a fan of the fruit slicing game, you might as well update that game right now as the developers Halfbrick Studios has added a multiplayer support so you can play with your buddy locally, on an Android tablet.

It’s been a while since the android version tasted an update, but at least it got a major one this time. However, in case you have bought the Fruit Ninja game, you’ll probably get pissed as the update on applies to the free version. Meaning, you won’t get multiplayer support yet.

But it’s not all about the two player support – as they have improved quite a few things as well. The update comes with seven new backgrounds and an additional eight blades. Also, there are some new power-ups such as peaches, berry, and bomb deflection. These can be bought via the in-app purchase or can be earned by having Starfruit in-game.

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If you are craving for some multiplayer action for your android tablet, you might want to check this out. But before even trying make sure that your device is 7-inches or larger as it’s the requirement. Download the update of Fruit Ninja in Google Play.

[Source: Halfbrick Studios]

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