Finally! After debuting in iOS a couple of months ago, and soft-launching in China for Android a couple of weeks ago, Plants vs Zombies 2 finally arrives to the Google Play Store a few days ago! And, of course, that’s the good news.

We’ve been waiting for this game for, like, forever! I excitedly went over to the Play Store and here’s the bad news for some of us: unless you live in Australia or New Zealand, you won’t be able to download the app for now. :-(


Yeah, that’s a big ice bucket splash to our excitement, but fret not. The reason for the incremental release is because PopCap doesn’t want to overwhelm their servers. That’s completely understandable, given the high demand for this game to arrive. International release is to be expected to be launched shortly. Though no definite release date is given, it’s listed to be released “this fall”, meaning it’s anywhere between this month to November. No word yet on whether or not it’ll come to Windows Phone 8, but here’s hoping it will.



Download Plants vs Zombies 2 for Android

If haven’t been following the app’s release, it’s 184MB of pure awesomeness, garnering a lot of high scores in reviews. Its use of the freemium model might concern some, but that doesn’t seem to take away from its popularity or fun factor if reviews are to be believed. For now, here are a few screenshots to whet your appetite even more.

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    1. Hmm. To be honest, I’d rather wait for Philippine availability and download the legit app thru the Play Store. Who knows what malware are hiding in these unverified APKs….

      1. While this game doesn’t have any paywall (you can in fact finish it without having to pay a single plant, coin or star) pero pahirapan,

        Boring yung choices eh, talagang magbabayad ka ng malaki if you want to enjoy those hidden plants and extra levels.

        If you don’t intend to pay for this game, I’d suggest laruin mo na lang yung apk na may coin cheat, EA has done an amazing job trying to rip people off up to the last cent


    1. It’s free to play, but you have to contend with IAPs. Personally, I’d rather have a one-time payment model, but it seems IAPs seem more profitable on mobile devices.