In a very expected Note (hehe), Samsung has launched a dual SIM version of their increasingly popular Galaxy Note 3 phablet. I said expected because other phones in the Galaxy line get the same treatment shortly after their release.

This Dual-SIM version of the Galaxy Note 3 uses the Snapdragon 800 processor, meaning that it’s LTE – capable. Other than the added SIM slot, everything is exactly the same as the single SIM version. I’ve never used any of the dual-SIM versions of the Galaxies before, but it would have been nice if they came with a bigger battery. Methinks the extra antenna would affect battery life (which is why I never went back to dual-SIM devices).

These dual-SIM versions usually come out in China first, and this is no exception. No word on whether it’ll be launched officially here, and I doubt whether any telco will carry this version. If you’re really interested with this version, then your best bet is via online stores, such as Kimstore.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Color Variants

If you’re cautious about Samsung’s recent policy regarding the region-locking of their devices, fret not. As clarified here, region is as broad as continents, so unless you plan on buying a US or EU version of the phone, you’re not going to run into any trouble. :-)

The Dual-SIM Galaxy Note 3 version is priced as EU735, which is roughly PHP43,000. That’s a lot of smackers, but if the base model is any indication, then it would be worth it.

[Source: GSM Arena]

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  1. The kind of phone with exceptional performance, specs, hardware, great screen plus, tah dah!!!! the dual sim function. Where can I get this here in the Philippines? How much?