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Everything you need to know about SMART Prepaid LTE


Smart Communications’ first ever prepaid LTE service in the country has gone live yesterday, just around a year after they officially unveiled their commercial LTE mobile data service to postpaid subscribers in our country. Check out all the details that you need to know after the jump.

Smart has been generous in providing affordable mobile internet lately as they announced the availability of Opera Unlisurf15 which lets internet junkies to surf all day for as low as Php15 provided  that they will only use the Opera Mini app as the browser. Now, they have something for the big boys as well.

For starters, LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the next step ahead of 3G as it enables mobile internet download speeds of up to 100MBps. However, Smart’s LTE service is limited to 42MBps for the meantime.  With that kind of speed, Smart said that you’ll be able to “download movies in minutes, full album in seconds, and real-time gaming no lag”.


4G LTE connectivity has been the latest trend in the mobile internet devices as well as the smartphone and tablet scene. With the ridiculous speed, there’s no more reason not to enjoy the world wide web as it’ll not let you wait anymore with those lazy loading times and endless buffering. You’ll enjoy watching YouTube videos or streaming your favorite show without the need to worry about a sluggish connection.

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Fast internet connectivity has always been a pain in some areas and I hope that this development would also include the wide expansion of high-speed internet in provinces. It’s a good thing that the important cities are getting a better connection, but they should still increase the speed of those in other regions. Smart’s expansion has been improving ever since, now covering 46 cities and 69 municipalities nationwide. You can check out the full list of the coverage here.


[two_fifth]SMART’s LTE network runs on 2100MHz, 1800MHz, and 850MHz[/two_fifth]

But before jumping to the LTE bandwagon, please note that it will only work on LTE capable devices. Meaning, giving your android phone the Smart SIM won’t give it LTE powers and outrageous internet speed. However, if you want to feel the might of LTE, SMART is also offering a Pocket Wi-Fi device and Plug-it contract free and you can avail them for Php6,995 and Php5,995, respectively. Since that includes a new LTE sim, that means you’ll also get the same 7 days free internet along with the chosen device. And oh, Smart also said that the first batch of LTE sims doesn’t have a voice call feature so you might want to keep your old sim card handy to take care of your voice calls. The sim comes with SMS features though so you can register to their LTE promos.

For as low as Php350, people will now be able to experience 4G LTE by buying an LTE-enabled Smart SIM (Nano and dual-cut sizes) which comes preloaded with 7 days unlimited mobile internet for free. Once the included plan expires, you can avail of the following promos. They are really good enough considering the lowest Smart LTE plan is at 1299 with a bandwidth cap of 5GB.

How to Register/Subscribe on SMART LTE Prepaid


SMART’s unlimited LTE will be applicable until June 30, 2013 and after that Smart will announce the new prices and/or bandwidth cap if there are any. For more information on SMART’s LTE plans, check out their official website here.

Have you tried SMART’s LTE service? What can you say about it? Share it in the comments section below!


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