Besides Belgium, Uganda, and Switzerland, Google has expanded its Play Store in the Philippines to include movies.

Personally, the prices of some movies are just plain ridiculous, while some others sell as if you’re buying a movie ticket at a cinema. Then again, at least we Filipinos now have one more legit way to watch our favorite films over and over again without resorting to illegal methods.

Google Play Movies

Alternately, several movies available in the Play Store come with cheaper rental prices. The usual rental period grants you one month to start watching a film and 48 hours to finish watching it. You can even save more by choosing standard definition over high definition formats.

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For those looking for TV shows instead, that type of content is still isn’t available in our country. It’s only active in Australia, Japan, UK, and US.

See the Google Play top movies as well as new releases here. Download the app here.

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