The Google Play Store could see a mass exodus of nearly a third of its published apps as Google seeks to eradicate the platform of outdated software. More accurately, as many as 869,000 applications that had not seen any update in the past 2 years.

As per the report by CNET, the move could be a result of Google’s plan to hide the applications, effectively preventing users from getting them in their outdated form. However, the apps in question could easily be made accessible again, granted the developers made the necessary security updates to their apps.


Google is not alone in that decision, however. Apple seems to be on it, as well. Both companies share concerns over such programs no longer meeting the level of security that they should be harboring, due to being outdated and no longer updated.

Some developers, one particularly being indie game makers, felt burdened by the imposition of an update as there’s very little that can be done once the game is made and released.

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