Have you ever experienced losing all your files in a glimpse because of a system malfunction? Or when a virus hits your computer and swiped away your important documents? Yes, these devastating situations happen and the sad part is, it’s beyond our control. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from data loss. One of these is by using backup and recovery softwares.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a software that backups your files and ensures that your data are safe and protected. It also offers quick data recovery for corrupted or deleted files. What’s even great about it is it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is perfect for not so tech-savvy users who need a simple backup system. Users can also set a customizable schedule for their backups. It has five operations that can be seen on the left side of the software. Let’s go through with each of the operations.

System Backup

As the name suggests, it backups everything within the system. It’s very helpful when your software system crashes or after a software update. By using this, you can restore all previous settings of your operating system.

EaseUs System Backup

Disk Partition Backup

This is probably one of the most often used feature of EaseUS Todo Backup Home. With disk partition backup, you can copy the files from a specific disk that you wish to change or upgrade.

EaseUs Disk Partition

File Backup

Unlike Disk Partition Backup, File Backup allows you to copy specific files. For example, if you wish to backup a certain folder or file and not the entire hard drive, you can use this operation. This is for people who specifically know what files needed backup but doesn’t want to backup the whole disk.

EaseUs File Backup

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Smart Backup

This feature is pretty useful for frequently used files or folders. It automatically creates a backup to make sure that your files are up-to-date.

EaseUs Smart Backup

Mail Backup

It can backup your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook express. It includes all your inbox, outbox, calendar, drafts and notes. You can also backup specific folders in your email.

Clone Solutions

Another remarkable feature is its fast and reliable clone operation. It has hard disk, system and partition clone. If you wish to upgrade your computer, this helps a lot to ease the process. For example, system clone will copy all the settings you have so when you transfer to your new device, you still get the same settings as with your previous computer.


EaseUS Todo Backup Home is definitely a versatile software that can provide all your backup needs. Its wide array of operations is helpful and intuitive. The scheduling is also great since it it is makes backup convenient. EaseUS Todo Backup Home is priced at $29.95 for 12 months subscription and is available in Windows and Mac. You can get 50% off by using the discount code X9Y-N6N-TMD.

In case you accidentally lost your file without backup, EaseUS also offers Data Recovery Wizard Professional, a system that can restore unintentionally deleted files. It also caters to different data loss situations like corrupted hard drive, virus attack, crashed operating system and recycle bin restoration in PC, laptop or removable devices. For more details about these softwares, check our their official website here.

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