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King of Fighters ALLSTAR Final Battle for Android and iOS now available


Popular arcade game King of Fighters has landed on mobile.

Publishers SNK Corporation and VNG has announced that the card-battle strategy mobile game The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Final Battle is now available for FREE on both Android and iOS devices.

It features a plot story and involves characters like Kyo Kusanagi, Mai, Orochi, Iori Yagami, and more players from Samurai Shodown and The Last Blade.

Unlike the traditional 1v1 that most of us are used to, being a card-battle strategy game, KOF ALLSTAR allows you to build a squad with different abillities and play style.



You’d also be collecting gladiator combos and use skill combos to increase damage to your opponent. Players can use the AFK mode to regain power-up resources, diamonds, and gold. Gacha mode allows you to draw fighters and powerful items. Plus, mini side games like jumping obstacles, shooting birds, and throwing darts

So if you’re interested, KOF ALLSTAR Final Battle is now on the App Store and Google Play Store for FREE.

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  1. Why only 1 star? Please read and thanks
    The game is good but their system is not good, very low specs server (junkshop) please upgrade your server. cause i don’t like slow and lagger server, 2nd limited message you only write 20 letters because your system server is poor and 3rd reason when you send 20 players messages, you can only sent 10 messages and delete other messages.