Remember Pokemon GO grandpa from 2018? He’s back in 2020 with a bigger and better setup.

Chen Suan-yuan, now 72 years old, became popular in 2018 when we mounted 15 phones on his bike as he cruise the city of Taipei, Taiwan to hunt for Pokemon GO monsters.

Chen became so popular that he was even invited to the special launch event of the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 last year.

From 15 phones, he grew his arsenal to 20+ phones, 30+, and now, there are 64 smartphones that are mounted peacock-style on the front of his bicycle, almost fully obscuring his view.

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The setup consists of smartphone mounts, and cables that are constantly connected to power banks so they won’t run out of juice.

Obviously, having this many phones doesn’t come cheap. There are reports suggesting that ASUS did sponsor Pokemon GO grandpa to help acquire all the phones and tools he needs. Let’s just hope that Chen Suan-yuan stays safe out there.

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