McDonald’s Philippines is giving its hungry patrons one more way to order their Big Mac hamburgers and BFF Bundles and have the food delivered to their doorstep. Available for free, you can now download the McDelivery All Access Pass App on Android and iOS.

Craving for a piece of Chicken McDo (that naturally goes great with the fast food restaurant’s distinctive gravy), I tested the app myself to see if the entire process would go smoothly. All in all, I can say that ordering food through the app is another convenient way of having your McDonald’s food delivered wherever you are. Once downloaded (it’s about 22MB in size) and installed, you only need to make an account or register through your Facebook, select food in the menu, confirm on checkout, and wait for a confirmation email or text message.

Thanks to the clean and simple user interface, using the app is straightforward. Once loaded, you’ll be directed to the app’s main screen and presented with five sections. McDelivery is naturally where you find all available items to order and check out. There are also other functionalities found in the app such as What’s New and Store Locator. Just click here to download it and you can find out for yourself:

To be fair, the app has its own shortcomings. For one, orders made through the app are accepted only in select cities (Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Batangas, Cavite, Tarlac, Pulilan, and Angeles City). For another, you can’t view your order history, select a mode of payment (other than cash), or create multiple profiles (useful for quickly changing delivery information). The lack of some of these features can be a deal breaker to mobile users, but I’m already satisfied by the fact that the app can successfully handle my order. And besides, I’m positive McDonald’s Philippines will update its McDelivery app, add more features, and cater to more cities.

That McDelivery comes with a 30-minute guarantee is a huge plus. (Indeed, the rider that brought my food arrived on time.) Especially for college students and professional workers, urban life can be so hectic that we can’t afford to be inconvenienced by late arrivals. We want our food delivered quickly so that we enjoy our meals and go on with our daily lives uninterrupted and with full energy.

So if you have an empty stomach yourself, just download the new “McDo PH” app (links below) on your mobile device to order within a few minutes. Trust me, this is a keeper.

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[Download McDelivery All Access Pass App:]

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