We live in a world that is increasingly living life online and on mobile devices. Everything is so convenient, but it’s also heartbreaking in a way because people are ignoring their loved ones who are often right in front of them in favor of messaging apps and social networking sites.

So it’s pretty refreshing that McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have teamed up for the #BetterTogether campaign to ask people to stay offline. How? With the new BFF Timeout App!McDo-BFF-App

The #BetterTogether campaign aims to improve our interpersonal relationships with our friends and loved ones, especially when we are physically together. To inspire folks to do just that, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have teamed up to create the BFF Timeout App, which challenges friends and loved ones to go on a digital timeout with each other.


So how do you go about doing that? Simply download the BFF Timeout App from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, log in either through Facebook or as a guest, start a game with a group of friends, put your phones down and have fun with each other gadget-free!


Now, aside from being able to enjoy each other’s company and enrich relationships with your friends and family, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are giving you more incentives to put your phones down by rewarding you for the time you spend offline. You can earn badges and rewards the more minutes you’re on a digital timeout.


On top of that, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are giving you the chance to go on a fun-filled trip for four with family or friends to Boracay on the first draw; Coron, Palawan on the second; Singapore on the third; and Osaka, Japan on the final draw! Simply purchase a BFF Burger or Chicken Bundle for either three or four, and enter the code in the coupon that comes with it in the Raffle tab of the BFF Timeout App.

Watch this video to find out how to play the BFF Timeout App:

So, how long do you think you and your friends can stay away from your phones and go on a #BFFTimeout? Download the app to your iOS or Android device and start playing! You can also learn more about it by going to

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