When I was 15, I was still in the middle of getting through the awkwardness that was high school. I’m pretty sure a lot of you were doing regular teenage stuff at the age of 15, but Angelo Casimiro, a 15-year old kid from the Philippines actually did something brilliant.

He went out, strapped a couple of power banks to his shoes, and with a little DIY ingenuity, turned his shoes into an energy-generating doohicky! Take a look!

It’s a pretty simple setup and you can actually make something similar if you wanted to. Angelo outlines what he used to make his energy-generating shoes if you want to take a shot at it. The secret is in the piezoelectric materials that he uses to make the insoles and Angelo’s setup can fully charge a 400mAH Li-ion battery after 8 hours of jogging or 2 hours of basketball. It’s not much, but considering a lot of us walk through a huge portion of our daily commutes, being able to harness the energy we produce from walking can have a lot of practical applications now and in the future.



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  1. Cherry Mobile yata yung cellphone ni kuya XD Ang galing nya! When I was 15, all I’ve done was to pull pranks lol.