Do you want to take pictures with your smartphone? There’s an app for that—lots of them to choose from, in fact. But, what about adding sound to the precious memories you want to preserve? Check out moments – hear your photos.

Moments, according to creator-developer Iddo Goren, is “a fun and exciting way to add sound to any photo and to share & experience live moments.” That basically says it all about this app; just take a picture, attach a sound to it, and you’re done. Why do this? You might ask. For one, you can send an aptly themed photo with a greeting to someone celebrating their birthday. For another, you may want to describe the making of this photo. The possibilities are virtually countless.

Getting Started

Signing up is pretty easy and comes with three options—through Twitter, Facebook or email. For this review, I set up an account by entering my email and creating a password and nickname. After reading the end-user license agreement, I was good to go.

Moments - Hear Your Photos - Getting Started Moments - Hear Your Photos - Getting Started 2

Once you’re connected, you’re redirected to the picture-taking portion of the app. The settings and buttons are simple enough; there are options to enable/disable the flash and switch between rear- and front-facing cameras, a capture button, and another button that will take you to your photo gallery. There, you can opt to choose an image for uploading instead. After capturing/choosing an image, you then proceed to adding around four seconds worth of sound. It can be anything to your desire. And that’s it.

A New Social Network to Enjoy

It seems every “moment” you make is automatically uploaded to your app profile. moments has its own mobile-only social network, a budding one at that. So far, there’s not much to do besides exploring or browsing other moments uploaded by users. But from another point of view, it’s sometimes simplicity and very little clutter where apps shine the best.

Users can go down the rabbit hole and discover moments uploaded by other people. To play the audio, simply tap on the moment’s picture. Each moment can be smiled, which is the app’s equivalent to the Facebook Like button, commented upon, or even have its default sound attachment be re-dubbed.

Moments - Hear Your Photos - Social Features Moments - Hear Your Photos - Social Features 2

Sharing and reporting content, as well as sending app feedback, are available as well. Like Twitter junkies, users of the app—so-called momentiers—can follow and be followed by others.


Overall, the app is fluid enough and contains very few glitches. It’s quite usable. But like with any other new social networks, the community is sparse. I’m sure you’ve been at a point of having a profile with hardly any connection to people you know. If you do want to be a regular momentier, just make sure you invite your friends to ward off the boredom.

It’s also worth pointing out that taking pictures with the moments app is just about taking pictures. Unlike Instagram, there are no filters and effects available that users can digitally apply to their shots. That said, you might want to ensure your captures are well taken. Alternately, just upload edited ones from your photo gallery. There are no filters to apply to the recorded audio, either.

And one last thing, where’s the log out button?


Moments – hear your photos is an interesting app. But given that your satisfaction in using the app is relative to your interaction with other momentiers, make sure you invite friends, gather followers, and mingle with fascinating users. The app has a huge potential, and you as an active user can help contribute to its success.


So if you feel like giving moments – hear you photos a try, you can download it on your Apple device running on iOS 6.0 or later. Note that the UI has been designed for the iPhone 5. We tried using it on an iPad and found its dire lack of optimization for a tablet interface. On the other hand, users on the Android platform will be able to get their hands on the app come February 2014.

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  1. Great review of moments! :) I reviewed this app as well and I’m still using it. Adding voices to the photos seems more personal. Hearing other people’s voices from around the world is also pretty cool.