Nextbit, a startup company founded by former Google employers, has unveiled their first new product for Android: the Baton. It’s a feature that keeps apps and data synchronized across multiple devices.

But this isn’t just those traditional synchronizations that merely keep all files and folders updated across devices. Baton kicks it up a notch by letting users pass their app from one device to another and continue using the app at its current state. Users could, for instance, play a particular level in Minion Rush, use Baton, and continue exactly at that same level on another device. Baton also offers backup and restore. This feature is similar to Apple’s Handoff, which lets users continue their work across Mac computers and iOS devices on several applications.

For now, Nextbit’s Baton is in limited beta for the Android variant called Cyanogen. Commercial devices that run on such platform, such as the OnePlus One, will be the first to experience the Baton. Note that it’s meant to be a “native OS level feature,” not an app that you can download from the Play Store.

And so the question: why didn’t Google come up with this first for Android?

[Source: Nextbit]

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